Out of Stock Chocolate Powder - US

After my first order of Huel I am looking to reorder and potential subscribe but I prefer the chocolate flavor and that seems to be gone. Only Berry and Vanilla are available. Is the Chocolate coming back anytime soon?

Hey there! Don’t worry too much, Chocolate Powder will be back next week​:grin: We also still have our Gluten-Free Chocolate Powder available which is the same nutritional product just manufactured in a Gluten-Free facility. Happy to hear you’re excited to get your hands on some more Huel!:raised_hands: Let me know if you have any further questions.

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Will Huel honor $59 gluten price if I reorder via Gluten free?

One thing to note: if you had chocolate powder, or anything else, in a subscription, that is out of stock when your automatic order is scheduled, it will silently be cancelled. We really should get some notice from Huel to say that you’re out of stock and maybe modify the subscription so we’re not waiting for an order that’s never coming. All I got was an email from PayPal to say I was getting a refund from Huel but no explanation from Huel themselves.

You liked the chocolate? Did you or anyone else happen to notice a weird after taste at all? Or am I trippin? Anyone?