Weird Subscription Problems

My monthly subscription order was supposed to ship yesterday and my credit card was charged for $89.10. However, shortly thereafter, I received a PayPal notice that Huel had refunded my $89.10 payment (with no explanation). When I log into my account on your website, my subscription information is just a blank screen with no information. I am unable to edit or change anything. Can someone please help me understand what is going on and how to fix it? Thanks.

Hey there. It’s looking like this charged was declined on my end. I’m looking further into this to see if it’s an error on our end. Please hang tight!

Weird. On my end, it shows the charge went through and then was later refunded. Thanks for looking into this.

My PayPal charge was run again and instantly refunded again. Customer service told me to try entering a new payment method, which I have now done.

It looks like an order has processed and everything is good to go!

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Yes, many thanks for your help.

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