I've been totally ignored since my last order

I’ve been a BIG fan of Huel since I tried it, I even recommended it to everyone I know until now…

I decided to become a subscriber and that’s when things changed.
My order was placed, I was recognized with an email, my money was taken, but that’s it.

No shipment, not even an email about shipment, I’ve sent more than 6 emails since last week and they haven’t even replied once.

I cant even begin to describe how frustrating this is, ALL I can do is send another email, that wont get answered anyway, no phone numer to reach out to, nothing. But my cash was taken the first day and I’m still waiting for both the product and even a reply of shipping and this is DAY 8th!!

The product is amazing but unfortunately the service is as bad as the product is good.
It is such a shame.

If anyone on Huel even care, here’s the order number:
Order: #51324

Hi Joel,

We are very sorry to hear that your order was never delivered to you and your emails were not answered. I have checked on our inbox and it seems that one of the team were able to get this sorted for you and fixed.

Let us know if you are experiencing more issues as we would love to make sure you get everything resolved on your end.

Hi there! Yes I finally got a reply, and things got sorted out quite quicky after that. The frustration was real, and I stand by my disapointment, BUT I’m also greatful to finally get a reply and now it seems to be correct.

Hopefully from now on the subscription will run smoothly, since I really do enjoy the product.
Thanks for getting back to me.

We completely understand your frustration and we are very glad and do very much hope that your experience all the great things Huel has to offer!