Possible to mix Huel Types in Subscription (US)?

I currently have a 3 bags per month subscription to the Vanilla Huel. Is it possible to get the unflavored/unsweetened in the US, or preferably a mix of U/U and Vanilla as a subscription?

Hi @Hipster_McTool,

My name is Sothan from Huel.

Yes! it will be possible to change existing Huel subscription variations. I will send you a private message for account details.


Hi Sothan.

I was told before that it is not possible to get a mix of U/U and Vanilla as a subscription (i.e. one bag of each every time).

Has that changed? If so I would like to set up a new subscription for that.



Hi @bsaires,

Yes, it is possible to mix Huel subscription flavors. The criteria is that it has to be the same Huel powder type (Original Huel or Gluten-free Huel).


21 PM

I can also help change your subscription type on my end.


Great! I guess that changed in the past few couple of months or so.

Thanks Sothan