Mix and Match Prioducts?

Not sure if this has been mentioned Elsewhere, but I would really like to be able to mix and match options…
I like Huel Back, my girl likes original Huel unsweetened, and we both want to try the savory, without making 3 different subscriptions.


Completely agree. I want original for breakfast, and Black for post gym, but would need two subscriptions for that. Would like to try multiple flavors of the premixed without having to buy whole bags. I got two with my initial order, but now have to buy full cases (12)? if you can ship 12 of one kind, you can ship 12 assorted!

I understand as a company they think this will increase sale, but it won’t i’ll just stick with only chocolate and not be as happy about it.


Fully agree. I can’t see any reason other than greed to not permit this. There are things I’d like to try, but I’m not willing to commit to an entire order of them.

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I have since taken a break from huel, and stretched out the subscription as far apart as possible for my girl. She’s begining to fatigue on it as well. . Allowing us to mix and match as least once per month could’ve reinvigorated us both.

We appreciate the recommendations. The main reason why our customers are not able to mix and match is because of pricing differences but we do appreciate your feedback and will pass this along to our team :blush:

Although you are not able to mix and match with different versions, you can add single-items to your subscription and/order of a different version. A small tip could be subscribing to the minimum amount of bags and adding a third one of a different one and just switching flavors on your next order. Our CE team is also happy to help with that!

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I just tried to order using the add on function and it wouldn’t let me progress after hitting the one time purchase, however ,
The sample option from the main menu is definitely new to me, and I was
able to order a single bag of savory with my next subscription, so that worked, thanks…
I still feel you’re making this more complicated than it needs to be…
A two bag minimum subscription of what ever flavors and types you have could only be beneficial and makes more sense than “we can’t mix n match cause the different prices makes us sad.”


I definitely echo the sentiments being put forth here. Mix and match is the way to go. I almost didn’t buy your product because of the lack of flexibility in ordering. That’s a shame, because I really like your product, and I have to wonder how many other customers you’ve deterred.

Reviving old thread. its been a year. I concur. I too. would like an option to mixx and match @ least The huel brand youre currently buying and the savory bags in a subscription. I wouldnt care if you charged me a little extra because of “Price difference”

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Looks like they’ve heard you.

The new order menu is much better!

took them two years but that’s great… shame my account seems to have been disabled lol.