What will happen to Huel Original Powder Subscription?

Is it just me or I don’t see the original flavor option anymore but I see vanilla flavor option (unchecked in default).

Will Huel automatically replace the original flavor with vanilla for people who have subscribed the original flavor?

My subscription is all 4 bags, one flavor each and it still says original flavor in my subscription list though.

Trying to add the vanilla option increases the cost as it am getting a fifth bag including original but there is no option to remove the original flavor. So I am scared to make any product changes or it may screw up my cost and have to pay more LOL

Anyway, I don’t mind getting the original flavor as long as I get 4 bags of the huel powder (of each flavor) at the same price as what I have subscribed and when the original rans out, I hope huel will just auto replace original with vanilla (as well as updating the list in my online account showing the updated huel flavor) at the same subscription price for the 4 bags :wink:


I had the same issue the other day. But today when I checked it again it was resolved. I did get a message that they were aware of the issue and were working on it.

good to know that they are working on it