Possible delays/lack of communication?

hey there, new Hueler here! Ive been wanting to try Huel for a good year now and only just recently bit the bullet- but

I havent gotten any notifications about it, but im reading on the forums that there’s a possible shipping delay? I ordered my first shipment last week and I’ve heard nothing, was really banking on it being here sometime this week.

Is the delay for only certain areas, is it old news, or is it something that I might be effected by? And if the latter, why the lack of communication?

Thanks in advance for any replies!

I’m in the same boat. Ordered again on March 25th and still nothing so far.

It’s a good thing I’m not totally dependent on Huel.

Hope you get your order soon; it’s good stuff!

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Hi there! As you mentioned, we ran into a stock issue recently which has caused this order to be delayed. I can assure you this is our top priority at the moment and we are doing everything in our power to have your order processed and shipped right away. Once it does, you will receive tracking updates via email per usual :slightly_smiling_face:

I truly appreciate your patience and understanding here.

I’m going to send both of you individual emails right now so we can take a closer look at your particular orders as well!

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Hi Christian. I emailed support and have not received a reply; I placed an order the 29th and it hasn’t been fulfilled, which is okay, but my main concern is I don’t see my apartment number in my shipping address. I just want to make sure it is taken care of before my order ships. Thanks so much and I am excited to start Huel!

Never mind, I received a reply! Thanks for the excellent customer service!

@robimoo You are so very welcome, Robin!:slightly_smiling_face: If you need anything in the future, we’re here for you.

Be patient. I’m still waiting for my Mar 25 order. FTC says online retailer has 30 days to ship.

Muscles are shrinking. I found my 22-inch legs became 21-inch. The 10% discount offered isn’t going to reverse that.

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That sounds like a medical condition for a doctor, not a fulfillment problem for customer service. (just sayin’)

Muscles are shrinking because I’m out of Huel and not getting enough proteins.

hahaha. Best post ever on these forums. Hat goes off to you.