Is this common?

Consider me immediately underwhelmed by my Huel experience. I ordered on Monday and received an email late that night that my order had shipped. Tracking says it is supposed to arrive Thursday (yesterday) Great! Except it didn’t. Huel appears to have quickly created a label, but never actually shipped my order. So tracking is completely useless. I’m $75 in on an order to try the product, but there’s no indication if/when it will arrive. I sent an email to support, and about 18 hours have passed with no meaningful reply.

So my question to the forum is - is this par for the course? Is this just a company poorly run with poor performance and poor customer support (but maybe with a good product)? Or is this an anomaly? Because I’m very close to being out before I ever get a chance to try Huel.

Our Delivery time has encountered some delays to which we are currently working on but have added a note to our subscribers and first timers about it. I have personally messaged you to get more information on your order and get an idea as to why the delivery date was updated.

Last year I placed an late one Friday afternoon for a 46" TV from Amazon (Prime). I paid a whopping $11 extra for shipping, and it arrived by 11am the next day (Saturday), and I live in the middle of nowhere.

Yesterday I ordered a whole-house water filter on Amazon (still Prime). It’s in stock. It’s going to take longer than a week to get here. No option to get it here sooner. Can’t get it locally.

If you haven’t noticed, shit is fucked. I recommend you put your instant gratification on hold until next year and just pretend it’s 1995 again and everything takes a week or two to arrive by mail. You’ll never be disappointed again.

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I think his or her issue (and my issue also) is that we got an email saying “Congratulations, your order has shipped”. When actually, they haven’t even begun to ship it yet. Why would you intentionally mislead your customers like that? How about an email that says thank you for your order, we are currently experiencing a shipping delay, but expect to ship out your order in X number of days. Just don’t mislead us.

Right, I get it. But, it’s also a really common problem. I often get shipping label information sent to my email before any shipping has taken place. This isn’t specific to Huel, it’s just how a lot of these automated systems work.

The messaging surrounding those notifications is important to get right, though. Having shipping information available isn’t synonymous with it being on the way, so I agree that’s something that should be corrected.

I’m just saying that in general, it seems like good practice to keep your expectations low, because everything is slow to deliver.

We understand these frustrations, and we want to assure you that this feedback is important to us and will consider these issues seriously.

These are very concerning and unpredictable times which have created challenging issues for most us. We do want you to know that we appreciate our customers very much and we are here to try and ease any problems to our best of our abilities. We understand that at the moment, shipping times have been so unpredictable causing distrust and inconveniences to most of you.

With that being said, I have messaged you each to get a better glance at your order and what can be done on our end.

Got the Huel. I’m 1 day in and like the product so far. I get the shipping issues, and had I not received a same-day notification that it had shipped, I would have been fine waiting. That notice shifted my expectations. My recommendation is to under-promise, over-perform.