Please simplify the ordering process

Whenever I need to order a new supply, it is always a hassle to have to find the subscription that has the product I need to re-order, modify the dates and the quantities, and re-order. I’ve also tried on three different occasions to cancel a upcoming subscription and the site just spins.

Is there any plan to allow us to order all your different products in a single order or subscription? Today, I need to order Gluten Free U/U, Chocolate Black, and Berry. That’s three different subscriptions to add or modify and then save.

Edit: On a related note, someone from Huel, please contact me about cancelling an upcoming order. The system won’t let me do so and it’s set to ship 4/23. Thanks.

You don’t have to subscribe every time. There’s a check box on top of the product page to specify if you want to subscribe or do a one time purchase.

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Right, but then you have to pay full price. I want a subscription; I just want to be able to manage all the products (Gluten Free, Black, Regular) in a single subscription.


Right? It seems so obvious. Makes no sense why different products would require separate subscriptions. I use mostly Huel Black, but would like to keep a little of the White around. But I can’t just add one to my order of the Black. (Actually, right now I can’t make any changes to my subscription because it just gives me an error every time.)

Hey! We are very sorry that you are experiencing major issues with the subscription platform. When it comes to adding to your current subscription and trying different products, you should be able to add a third bag of a different version when you purchase a minimum of two bags initially, which is why I have emailed you back so we can assist you with that as well!

Hi Loree!

I have checked your email and will be answering back on your subscription cancellations and modifications as well!

Sorry to use this as primary customer service, but I’m having trouble with subscriptions as well. All I want is 4 boxes of RTD chocolate sent to me every 8 weeks, whenever it’s in stock. This is a change from 3 chocolate/1 vanilla. You should allow people to adjust subscriptions of OOS products, which currently can’t be done.

I had to delete my subscription, which had been reduced to just 1 vanilla and which I no longer want.


RTD is out of stock at the moment

That doesn’t really answer my concern, but thanks?

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I asked something like this last month. I would like the ability to order 1 reg and 1 black. I know I like regular but it would be nice to try black before going all in

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