Gluten free Huel saved my life

I recently discovered as well as developed many food allergies and intolerances during a very stressful time, one being to gluten. I had a lot of cleaning and sanitizing ahead of me to be able to eat and prepare food in my gluten filled kitchen. Hell, I needed to get rid of 3/4 of my kitchen equipment before I could safely touch things around my home without worrying I’m going to inadvertently touch my mouth and get a reaction. I wanted a break! I literally wanted Huel and found it! I still am not sure how I can tolerate Huel even though it’s not certified gluten free - usually something without the certification says to me “100% has gluten”, but I’m consistently able to replace like 2/3 of my food intake with Huel. It’s been an immense relief. And I LOVE the taste (GF vanilla). I wish I didn’t get full because I would drink Huel all day long.

Anyway, I just wanted to bring positive vibes to this category! Try Huel everyone, it’s awesome!

(I’d love more gluten info if you have it available. Thx!)


Props to you for taking some serious self-care steps! We’re happy to hear you’re loving the Huel life too!

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