Perfect Shipping Everytime

I see a lot of complaints about shipping and not receiving an order of Huel.

I, however, have had no problems. I set up the shipping dates and flavors on the Huel website; I get an email that it will ship in a couple of days; I get texts from FedEx saying it’s one day away and then that it’s arriving that day; and viola! – there it is.

I’ve been using Huel since August and am very happy with the weight I have lost since then (+25 pounds), with the improved numbers in my blood work, and with the shipping.

Keep on keeping on, mighty Huel.


Woohoo! That is all so wonderful to hear, Denton! Keep up the awesome work💪 We appreciate you! If you need anything in the future, don’t hesitate to reach back out.

Ditto here. Shipping has been awesome every time. Heck the company all around has been awesome every time. Keep up the great work gang!


same here. in a month and a half i’ll have been having only Huel 11 out of every 14 days (its complicated) for a year. every shipment on time, no missing items.


I have to say, same here. The closest I came to a problem is when I mis-read the shipping date. Once I re-read it, I smacked my forehead and said “D’oh!”

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