Thanks Huel for the fast shipping

Ordered 8 bags on the 4th and received my order yesterday fully intact with no issues. Wanted to drop in and post something positive amid all the “WhErEs My OrDeR” and “HuEl SuCkS” posts that way if someone is considering trying Huel they’re not over run with so many negatives. Huel never fails to impress.


I have a subscription order that processed on the 8th.

There seemed to be a minor hiccup in the system as it took ~22 hours for FedEx to get the box from Package loaded into trailer by shipper, awaiting pickup to Picked up…and I’m not sure if that delay was due to Huel, Fedex, or a bit of both.

But, still, a mere one day hiccup in the middle of a pandemic? That ain’t bad, not in the slightest. No complaints on shipping times from me.


Thanks for bringing some positivity, @MisterNobody! You know we’ll do everything we can for our Hueligans so we appreciate the kind words :heart:

I hope you had a lovely weekend! To you both :smiley: