Paying for Huel

I’ve seen some companies use things like Afterpay, which allow you to do 4 quarterly payments for your items, rather than spending the total cost up front. I think it’d be so great if we could do that with buying huel.

Afterpay is bi-weekly payments, according to their website. Klarna is the same way, but you can use it anywhere. Check it out.

I meant 1 payment divided into 4. I’ve used it with a bunch of stores. Or Klarna or sezzle. I don’t know if you can use those payment methods with a website unless the website says, “use this method of payment.”

You can use Klarna for anything. Just search Huel inside the app. It will do a Google search. Select the Huel website and proceed.

Oh thanks! Didn’t realize there was an app. Been using Afterpay mainly.