Out of Stock Products

Can I get on the contact sheet for when a flavor is available? I want to know when Huel Powder 3.0 Cafe Latte is back in stock (or if it will ever be back in stock).

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@Kathryn_Huel is there a mailing list I can sign up for?

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Hey, @bliutwo - Welcome to the forum! I’ve added you to the contact sheet for when that item comes back in stock so we’ll be in touch :two_hearts:

If there’s anything else we can help with in the meantime feel free to drop us an email at support@huel.com :blush:

What is the deal with mac and cheese savory? It looks like we are months into stock issues. If you want people to be on this stuff reliably, the stock has to be reliable. If that means less flavors because they would be easier to fulfill, go with top sellers and streamline the process. Chick Fil A sells like 12 things and they are enormously successful because they don’t need to do everything all at once. Mac and Cheese is obviously a popular flavor, maybe stop spreading yourselves too thin.

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Haven’t had Mac & Cheese since October, it’s now mid December. Guess it’s time to look at another service.

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Hey there, @moomaster ! Welcome to the forum. Mac & Cheeze is available on the US website again as of today :blush:

Heads up for @macrobano as well! :point_up_2: We apologize for the wait and appreciate your patience. We’ve been navigating supplier transportation issues which has been the reason for many of our long lasting out of stock products but rest assured we are working very hard in the background to remedy it! :two_hearts:


Was going to try the Huel hot food as a first time customer with Type2 Diabetes, but if the supply is as bad as it sounds, perhaps I should go with someone else?

Any thoughts on whether to come on board?

Hi, is there any word on when the cafe latte is going to be available again? I had paused my subscription and have been waiting months to start it up again. Last I heard early January was when it might be available again. And if you cant tell us could we get a little more information on whats taking so long. I really like your product but if I cant count on reliable availability I’m gonna have to look for something else.

After a couple of weeks on regular shakes I was kind of looking forward to try the Hot & Savory products but half of the flavors are “Temporarily” Out of stock.
According to what I see in this post it seems like it’s been a couple of months.
Will this stock shortage be fix in a foreseeable future?

Hi @Rick_Nies - Welcome to the US Forum :raised_hands:

So sorry for the frustration here. I’ve taken a look at your previous contacts with us and I do see that back in November when you reached out to us about this we were expected Caffe Latte back in early January. Unfortunately that expectation has been pushed back to late this month as we work hard in the background with our production team and transportation partners. I do apologize for this inconvenience and we appreciate your patience as we want to get this sorted as quickly as we can💕

Hi @Sylvain Welcome to the Forum! :hugs:

Glad to hear you’ve been getting on well with Huel so far and that it’s made you interested in trying some of our Hot & Savory meals as well. I apologize for our current stock issues, as you can see from this thread is is something we are actively working on and hoping to resolve as quickly as we can both for our business and our customers. We appreciate your patience as we work through it.

In the meantime, if you were looking to give any of our Hot & Savory meals a try I would recommend the Pasta Bolognese which is my personal favorite at the moment. I’ve just double checked and it is currently in stock, so if you have an order of shakes coming up you’d be able to add a single bag on to that order :blush: I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

I was lucky to get a bag of the Pasta Bolonese before it went out of stock and BOY HOWDY is it good. Definitely going to keep an eye out for that coming back in stock.


Hello all,

I’ve been eyeing the Black Edition unflavored, however, it seems to be out of stock all the time.
Is there a way I can sign up for notification, or place my subscription and have it send to me whenever it’s in stock? I want to pull the trigger but I just can’t seem to ever catch when it’s in stock.


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Hi @nanobobano - Welcome to the form! :blush:

I’ve added you to the back in stock contact sheet so we’ll reach out to you when this flavor is back in stock. I’m also going to close this thread out and merge it with the thread we already have going regarding Out of stock flavors here: Out of Stock Products - #33 by atari_zero

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Can we please just get a setting that lets the rest of our delivery ship when one or two items out of 5 or more are out of stock. The whole point of a service like this is supposed to be predictable delivery

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Honestly it’s even worse since you can’t just remove the item from the sub because the UI is so poorly made it won’t let you if the item is out of stock

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Could I get a clarification? If one of my subscription items is out of stock, is a replacement sent, is the order canceled or is it shipped without the out-of-stock item?

Will it show up as out of stock on my bundle page? (My next shipment is scheduled for a couple of days for now, 2 of 3 items show as out of stock in the regular product section. So I don’t know if I will get them or not.)

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I’m wondering if there is a way to be subscribed to email notifications when certain Hot/Savory products return to stock. For me specifically, I’ve really been enjoying the Pasta Bolognese and don’t want to have to consistently check the website for when it returns.

Just me, also wanting unflavored. Black or original would be fine but both are out. Again.

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Hi @mmul Welcome to the US forum! Sorry for the delay here, the good news is that Pasta Bol is now back in stock :raised_hands:

@BrewerGeorge I’ve gone ahead and added you to our contact sheet for when those two versions of Unflavored/Unsweetened are back in stock, so we’ll be in touch! :two_hearts: