Ordered Wednesday, currently Sunday.. no updates

Just been 4 days since I ordered and there have been no shipment updates. My wife relies on this because she is on a liquid only diet. I need this shipment fast. Order #280825, status says fulfilled.

It probably will ship out on Monday then. You have to remember that it can’t ship out on Saturday or Sunday, and I read from another post that they believe that the turnaround is generally three business days. Maybe you should consider getting on a subscription just in case and order more before you run out. I know it isn’t ideal, but that is what you have to do when you can’t count on something being at a store. When mine ships, it normally takes two or three days to come. The fact that it has been fulfilled means that it is shipping soon though. Shipping information may already be available for your order, but if not, it should be available soon. Unless it is something like Amazon, I will normally give the business or the seller five business days to ship my item after they excepted my order before I worry. Also, when I am on my last bag, I make sure more is coming. I have it for one meal a day, so if I’m on my last bag, then I have two weeks left and that way if something happens, I still haven’t run out. I rely on it too because that is what I eat. I eat one main meal and then I just have snacks for the rest of the day. Although I do not have to be on a liquid diet so I could eat something else if I have to. Maybe if you run out, she could have some soup or some protein powder until it comes. I think you just got unlucky because of the weekend though. The order can’t just ship. They have to get their stock in, make it, and pack it up. That is why it can’t ship on the weekend.

Thank you Sabra, you are correct that I need to order way ahead of time and that a subscription would be better in this sense. My mistake was expecting the same turnaround as the 2 previous orders.

Thank you for your feedback

Hey Dennis. Perhaps the tracking hasn’t updated on FedEx’s end–sometimes that’s the case. I’ll contact our shipper now to make sure this updates.

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