Need RTD Flavor Advice

I’ve just become a Hueligan and am looking to place my initial order (so I guess I’m actually almost a Hueligan…).

For the sake of convenience, I’ve decided to order RTD rather than powder for the first order. I love chocolate so will definitely order 12 bottles. But, I’m debating whether to order an additional 12 of chocolate or try 12 of the vanilla. I’ve read mixed things so would appreciate practical taste-tested advice.

As of now, the vanilla and berry RTD are on backorder and not available. So, you’ll be stuck with chocolate for now.

I have tasted the RTD vanilla and it’s pretty good. Very smooth and semi-creamy. It’s semi-sweet as well.

However, I am not a regular RTD guy. I only use my RTD bottles for emergencies. Most of the time I prep my powdered Huel the night before and store in the fridge overnight.

I ONLY do RTD at the moment.

Vanilla is my favorite but they’re all great in their own way…

Chocolate is a close second.