Order Problem, order 172390 - Solved

I hate to post this publicly, but there have been several people recently who said they couldn’t get a response from support, and I know on here @Tim_Huel responds quickly. (Also, the web site doesn’t give me any indication that it actually sent my message, I filled it out on the “contact us” page, hit send, and the page just refreshed to an empty page, which means I’m not sure if it reloaded the page or actually sent my message).

I had Order # 172390 placed for me (subscription) and it was delivered. However, the order is for four Gluten Free packages (one vanilla for my fiancee, three u/u for me).

What I received was THREE packages, none of which were Gluten Free (one vanilla, two u/u).

Now, I’m the gluten free one, so technically my sweetie can still use the vanilla one, but I’d really like to receive the three Gluten Free U/U that I paid for (and if you leave me with the non-gluten free Vanilla, then a refund of the price difference, since non GF is cheaper).

I’m not running out yet, but… I’m getting kind of low, so I do need this within the next… week or so.



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A+ customer service! Call back in under 30 minutes, issue sorted out, replacement product on its way.

Frustrating issue, but very pleased with the customer service, thanks!


Hi Liam,

I’m happy we were able to speak. I just put your order into the system and should receive a confirmation email soon :slight_smile:

Like I mention, you can contact me direct here or sothan@huel.com with any questions.