Order not Received

I placed and order (#238959) on Nov 14 and have not received it. FedEx tracking indicates that it was delivered but apparently not to the correct address. However the address on the order is correct.

I’ve attempted to contact you via email 3 times over the last couple weeks without a reply. Pretty disappointing.

How can you help me?

Hey there. Sorry to hear this! We replied to every email you’ve sent. Your order was delivered but perhaps it was stolen or lost. I’ll send you a PM now.

I also have an issue with my order not being received. My order number is Order #: #248402.

Apparently you guys used USPS and they delivered the two scoop with I requested with my subscription order, but not my huel. I’ve detailed this in the email I sent to you guys earlier this week. And it would be frustrating if I have to wait another 6 days for it to be delivered since I rely on Huel to get me through the next two weeks.


It appear a glitch caused your Huel powder selection not be captured. But don’t worry I have a set of Huel powder sent you. Would you like Huel Vanilla or Huel Unflavored?

Hi Sothan, vinalla (gluten free).


Heyo Shantonio–I just processed your order now! Two bags of GF Vanilla are in route to you now.