Order Keeps Getting Rejected "SHOPIFY_REJCTED" message


I started using Huel about a month ago. I loved the Chai flaver boost, so I decided to add it as a one-time purchase to my next subscription delivery. For the past week I’ve been getting my order declined because of a “ERROR - SHOPIFY_REJECTED” message. At the beginning I thought it might of been my card being rejected. So after trying two different cards and paying through PayPal without any success I decided to create a new account to see if that would work. On the new account I realized that the Chai flavor boost was sold out. Now my guess is that my orders where being declined because due to the lack of supplies that where in my order. I’ll figure out if that was the reason on Monday. Until then I have to figure out what I am going to buy for groceries since I don’t think my supply will last until the new order is delivered (if it goes through at all).

Long Story Short: Through the order subscription you can add “sold out” deliveries to you order without knowing. Which as a result did not let my subscription be delivered :’(

If anyone knows what that error actually means and how I can solve it I would greatly appreciate it.


Sending an email to support@huel.com is the quickest way to receive assistance.

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Heyo! I do see that your order processed today 10/13–I believe we may be out of the chai boost, I will have to confirm on Monday.

I was able to place my order. However, I did not include the Chai boost. I think my previous orders where unsuccessful because through the “add to order” button I was adding the Chai boos. My guess is that when trying to process the system the error was raised due to the supply of Chai in my subscription. I noticed because when trying to buy the booster individually it was marked as sold out.

This has been happening to me too.