Items are missing from my order! Order #628583

I just did my first order from Huel. I ordered a lot of stuff from Huel but not everything I ordered came in. I ordered multiple packs of the berry powder (10 packs), chocolate powder (4 packs), and the vanilla powder (2 packs), and it was also supposed to come with a t-shirt, plastic scoop, and a shaker bottle as well. (Order #628583)

but my order came in and they only thing that was in it was the berry powder! all the other stuff was not in it. The shaker wasn’t in it, the scoop cup wasn’t in it, nor the t-shirt or even the other flavors of powder that I ordered (the 4 packs of chocolate and 2 packs of vanilla). Even though i paid for all of them!

can someone please help me with this?

Hey @Joe4life! Due to the size of your order it was split into two different FedEx shipments😁 It looks like the remainder of your order is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow!

If you’re still missing anything after that arrives for you tomorrow just give me a shout and I would be more than happy to help you out.

Have a wonderful evening and an even better rest of your week!

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the rest of my order just came in today. everything was ok, except for one of the the chocolate flavored powder bags being damaged/split open. i had powder all over my other stuff that i had to wash off.

Oh no! I’ts possible that the bag was damaged in transit. We check all our packages thoroughly before we hand them out for delivery, so we can assure you that the damage is recent and the Huel should be safe to consume.

That being said - I would be more than happy to ship you out that bag of Chocolate Huel Powder or process you a refund for the damaged bag! Let me know what you would prefer and I’ll make it happen😁

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a replacement bag would be better.
thank you :heart:

Consider it on the way :grin: Have a wonderful rest of your day, Joe!

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