First Order Problems

I received my first order of Huel on Monday but when I received it I am missing a bag of Black Edition Chocolate Huel and my bag of Vanilla Huel is torn and covered everything else in the box. I immediately sent an email to Huel support but haven’t heard anything back yet. I like the product I do have so far but I’m kind of disappointed in the customer service at this moment.

Order number #628005-US

I have just went ahead and responded to your email now, Matt!:grin: We’ll have that missing bag of Chocolate Black Edition and a replacement bag of Vanilla Black Edition on the way to you immediately. I’m sorry for any mess that might have caused!

Unfortunately, some of our bags do get damaged during transit. We check all our packages thoroughly before we hand them out for delivery, so we can assure you that the damage is recent and the Huel should be safe to consume.

I hope you find yourself loving Huel! Welcome to the family❤ If you need anything else in the future don’t hesitate to give me a shout.

Awesome! Thank you guys so much!

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