Order came in with missing items


Just another Hueler for 4 months now and it’s been a great experience so far.
But I encountered some missing items from my recent order.
Ordered 6 bags; three Vanilla, three Chocolate, but I’m missing two bags of Chocolate?

Came in the same sized box like my past orders so I’m pretty sure it’s not two separate boxes.

Did some research and this is a common problem?
Who is packaging these orders lol?

I may come off a lil’ aggressive but again, as a customer I’d expect to receive what I paid for…

Order Number. #552333-US

I don’t know who packs bags in boxes, but I’ve seen orders split in very weird ways.

You might get those other two bags tomorrow in their own box. If not, obviously a huel rep can help you (they’re awesome in this forum)

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Hey Tommy,

People make mistakes from time to time and I’m sorry for this.

Your two pouches of chocolate are on their way!

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Oh for sure, they’re awesome.

I love the community we’ve got here. :smiley:

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Yeah it’s ok, we’re only human…

Thank you for the fast support, you guys are doing great, keep it up. :smiley: