Order hasn't shipped and it's been a week

Love Huel but my first recurring subscription order was received a week ago (7/2) and I was charged for it but it still hasn’t shipped. Love the set up of the subscription and the product, just wish I actually had the product.

I am experiencing the very same issue. Whomp whomp. Subscription renewed and got charged July 2nd but no word on product shipment. Just now checked my Huel account for any discernible info and noticed in the “Subscription & Orders” tab that the “Dispatch Date” for the order is July 30th!? Which I sincerely hope is wrong…

Let me know if you hear anything from customer service. I am still waiting on word myself.

i’m having the same issue. Ordered mine on July 3rd and have not received any update. I sent them a dm on IG and they said they will go ahead and process it to have it shipped today. So far no update about tracking or anything at all. This is kind of ridiculous

Hello all! I had to reprocess all the orders on this thread. You will receive confirmation + tracking via email soon!

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Thanks for the update – and your help – Tyler! Got the order confirmation email already. Nothing regarding shipping/tracking info yet. Will keep a lookout for them. If I don’t receive anything, I’ll let you know.

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Hi I’m experiencing this same issue. I ordered 6 days ago and have not received any tracking number or verification that my order has shipped.

Thanks Tyler! Just got the confirmation that it shipped.

I was coming to this thread just to see how long it takes to get shipping info. I ordered it on the 11th and just figured I should see something by now. Thank you.

Heyo! This order should ship later today or tomorrow.


Hey Tyler, I ordered my Huel on July 9th, and I have yet to receive shipping confirmation. I thought I was giving myself adequate time to receive it (usually takes like 3 days) before my trip this Thursday, July 18. Guess not.

Reached out through your customer service channel, no response.

I see that you’re manually sending out orders in this thread. Is there any way to expedite my shipment so I can get it in time?

I appreciate anything you can do. <3

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Same issue… I ordered in what I thought would be good time…

Right? Majorly bummed.

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Wow, speak and it shall be heard. I appreciate you contacting me back so quickly, it was actually delivered today. Had my first two meals with Huel, and I’m really digging it. Thanks!

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I received my tracking number last night, and expect delivery tomorrow.

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Sent that out to you!

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Thanks, much appreciated!



I have a similar situation. I submitted the order 501703-US last night 9/8/2019 but when I checked, it says the ship date is 10/21. I hope that is the second shipment and my first shipment will be shipped soon. I will be moving back to school in 9 days and don’t want to miss the shipment. Can you please check my order?
Also, I put in my student discount code but it didn’t take off the 10 percent.
Thank you for your help.

Hey @hkray814, if you started a new subscription the date you see is for the 2nd order. This has come up a few times recently on here and that is always the case. You should be good to go.

@Tyler_Huel can verify though and check on the student discount as well.

You ordered last night which created a subscription. 501703 is in transit to you now–the 10/21 is your next subscription order.

I’ve had the same issue. Ordered huel on July 25th and its still not arrived 2 weeks later. I’ve been in touch with huel team via email and they have been little help, telling me it ‘should be getting shipped any moment now’ 2 days later, and I haven’t heard since. I would assume this is the first thing the huel team would try, and I wouldn’t have to contact a forum admin to get them to send it to me?