Order not shipped, no email response

Hi! I am on a subscription, am charged on Thursday, and my Huel arrives on Saturday. I was charged this past Thursday for order 188182, but have not received a shipping confirmation yet. The product hasn’t arrived, and I still do not have a response from the email I sent on 9/7. Could someone help me out?

I’m sure you’ll receive a response to your email soon. I could be wrong, but I don’t believe they work weekends. I know they don’t ship on weekends.


no i can’t

i am sorry to have to inform you

i don’t think that there’s anything i can do…


thank you for flying Delta

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Here’s a somewhat helpful reply unlike the last one. I’ve been a subscriber for over a year and always order on Monday and it delivers Thursday. My order last week was delayed as well and is showing to be delivered today. Now, I do live in Florida and we just had Hurricane Dorian come thru so that may have had an impact. However, I didn’t even get the shipping notice until Thursday.


Thanks Kris. I’m in coastal NC, and considered that perhaps they held my shipment in anticipation of shipping issues with Dorian. Still, a heads up would have been neat. I’m on mostly Huel, and used a little extra during the storm to replace meals. Thanks for your reply!

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Nacho… are you high today? You also did some weird reply to a 4 month old thread today. So, not sure if you put something in your Huel that you shouldn’t have or just feeling trollish today.??

For the OP, the Huel people said they’ve been playing catch-up all last week due to the holiday and the bad weather from the cyclone Dorian. So they may still be running a little behind.


Heyo. There was a delay with some orders due to the holiday, hurricane, and some unforeseen circumstances that occurred because of the first two issues.

Once tracking is available, you will receive an email.

I am a 70 year old man who has been using huel for about six months. I’m not sure when this I am not sure when this new Huel app started, but trying to send a message now is a major undertaking and very frustrating. Is there any other way I can order without having to go through this app?

Hi Scott. Currently the only way to order Huel is off of our website-- www.huel.com

LOL. I am retired from Delta