Order Delay? I have not recieved my order yet!

Our email queue got way more backed up then we expected. I work in that email portal–and we are replying as quick as we can! Again, I know this isn’t ideal for you but I assure you that we do care about your experience with us.

Hello everyone, I figured posting here would’ve been better than starting a whole new forum post. I ordered the RTD product back on the 24th of December, and got an email on the 28th around 5:40 P.M. telling me my order had been shipped. I expected some delay’s due to the holiday’s, so I wasn’t super concerned with getting my product on time. However, it is now the 7th of January and according to the tracking information a shipping label was created on the 28th and that was the last update. I would love if someone from the Huel team could figure out what’s going on over there, so I can get my product eventually. :slight_smile:

Heyo! We ran into some issues with our RTD orders that caused shipping to delay. Our apologies–but don’t fret! Your order is in the system and will be sent to you ASAP.

I just wanted to check in on my comments above. I was glad to see it wasn’t just an issue with my order, but I still haven’t seen any update to my shipment status from USPS. Has there been any update to when we should expect some movement? At this point, I’m going to have to push out my future recurring shipments so that I have time to actually use the 1st order. Any update would be appreciated. Thanks.

I just want to say that my order did arrive and HUEL RTD vanilla tastes pretty good. When I run out I will likely order another batch. I hope HUEL works out their kinks by then. I probably won’t be “subscribing” for now because of subscription issues reported by others on these forums, but I am willing to order again.

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Did you ever see any updates to your tracking or did it just show up out of the blue?

On Jan 2 I got an email that it shipped but it stayed stuck in “shipping label created” until Jan 8th (yesterday). Then it got updated as if it showed up at my regional USPS distribution center out of the blue and then was out for delivery this morning. Arrived around noon. I also got a response from support a couple of days after sending original inquiry. USPS sometimes doesn’t update tracking diligently, I’ve seen that happen before. I’m hoping this is just some growing pains on Huel’s side and some USPS hiccups.

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Interesting. I pre-ordered back in November with a label creation of 11/28. No update since then other than the communications here.

I’m glad to see you got your order. Bummed that the pre-order didn’t really matter at this point though. Thanks for the info @olegdulin.

I hope you get yours soon. I ordered mine on 12/28 or so. Sounds like they botched the new product launch but maybe they are trying hard and are fixing their problems.

This is my first foray into meal substitute drinks so I also ordered Soylent RTD to try.

:wave: @Teresa_Huel Good morning Teresa. I thought I’d check again on my order since this week is about over and I still haven’t seen any movement. As stated above, it appears people who had ordered a month after my pre-order have started to receive their product. I’ve been using Huel for a year now and have never had any issues with my orders. So I know this isn’t the norm, but at this point I’m left confused at the lack of information/communication around the shipment of a product I’ve built my eating habits around. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Latest from USPS:



November 28, 2018 at 3:42 pm

Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item


Good news! I have a new tracking number for you and it shows delivery scheduled for tonight! I’m going to PM you the new number now. :partying_face: