Order Completely Messed Up!

I received and order yesterday from Huel. It was supposed to be 4 bags of the powder. 2 bottles. 1 banana flavoring, a girl de book and a t shirt. The packing list said 1 bottle, 1 t shirt, 1 guide book, 1 flavoring. All of the items on the list were there except the t shirt. It did not have the 4 bags of Huel ordered or the other bottle listed. So I did not receive the powder or the other bottle or the t shirt. I have emailed customer service twice. The website says they have fulfilled my order which they have not even come close to doing. They sure took the money with no problem. They have been unresponsive and not delivered what they said they or or charged for. I have asked for my money back and still have not received a response from them. Next step is to disputed their charge. I hope others have had better luck than me. Would not recommend them. I am and would suggest other options.