Didn't get my Huel the second time either

I placed order 275247 on Jan 3rd. I received the order and it had the wrong size tshirt and only half of the Huel mix I paid for. I sent an email to support and got a response a few days later on Jan 14 apologizing and promising I would have the rest of my Huel in 3-5 business days. Today I get a box and it has a packing list showing I was supposed to get a bag of berry and a bag of chocolate mix of 17 servings each, as well as the correct size tshirt I requested. I open the box and there is no drink mix (the box wasn’t even large enough to hold 2 bags), but the correct size tshirt is in the box. While that’s great, I still don’t have the product I paid for and after reading some forum posts it seems like this is a common problem Huel is aware of and hasn’t fixed yet. This is unacceptable and I demand an immediate email answer and the product I ordered or I will dispute the credit card charge and start posting on places like Reddit and other forums that Huel has horribly customer service and known problems that are keeping their customers from receiving what they have paid for and don’t do anything about it but send emails promising to fix it and failing yet again. Not a good start since I also opted to begin a subscription service since I like the product ( I tried some a friend had ordered) and plan to continue to purchase the same amount I ordered the first time, $112+, every other month.

Hey Wade. Sorry for the troubles. Not too sure where the error lies but I just processed a new order for you.