One week in with Huel

After one week of Huel, I think I really could get into this lifestyle. And it is a lifestyle. Less junk, less snacking, better meal once a day. I’ve lost about five pounds. I know that sounds like a lot in one week, but it will taper off. I weigh 300 now, so 5 is not much!

I use a calorie counter app, and I had to manually add Huel as a favorite with all the nutritional information. It helps me keep track. 1000 calories of Huel and a small meal each day.

One day I allow myself to eat a little more.

Huel does keep me feeling full for a few hours, and I like knowing I’m eating good food.

If I can keep this up, I know I can reach my weight goal of 199 pounds!


Good luck - I’m about two weeks in and enjoying it - I’m doing about the same as you - 2 Huel meals and a sensible dinner. I am down also about 7 pounds in two weeks - from a high of 279… it is something I think I can maintain. Try some of the flavorings for variety…


I weighed 290. I have been using Huel since may 2018. I weigh 272 now. I use in morning and afternoon. I mix with two teaspoons of Hershey dark cocoa powder. It helps tame the sweetness of vanilla. I ride my road bike 9 miles per day . I enjoy the Huel very much. I have tried many other meal replacements and they tasted bad. I buy my Huel on Amazon just because i get it in two days. Finally a good product! I saw this product on Facebook and took a chance it would work for me. Thanks ! Huel.