Hello, New to Huel!

Hello friends, I just wanted to take a moment to share my experience with Huel so far.

I started Huel one week ago because I am so very tired planning my (healthy) meals, grocery shopping, meal prepping and the 20 minutes I spend every morning assembling my salads, etc. before work. I spend a lot of time and energy trying to eat right but somewhere I have been missing the mark because I am consistently around 15 pounds overweight. I am active and get plenty of exercise but I have obviously been consuming more calories than I need. This has been driving me nuts.

For the last week I have been drinking 67 grams of Huel for breakfast, 67 grams for lunch and a healthy dinner at night. I am shooting for around 1200 calories per day because I think that is what my body requires. I will adjust if I need more or less.

The first two days I experienced some stomach upset and “issues” that made it difficult to go to work. I pushed through all of that subsided by day 3.

I literally feel better than ever in every measurable way. I lost 6 pounds the first week which is no doubt fluid retention but it’s a start in the right direction. My mind is free from fixating on diet and nutrition, my schedule is freed up from the ridiculous amount of time I spend food prepping, etc and I have almost no dishes to wash!!!

I plan to make Huel a permanent part of my life. It has 100% effectively solved a problem I have had my whole adult life.

Here’s my goofy celebratory photo taken when my Huel arrived :laughing:


67 grams is such a precise number, welcome! Everything you mentioned resonates with many of us. It’s also one of the primary reasons why I feel I’ll likely never stop consuming Huel.


67 grams = 300 calories or close to it :blush: Thank you for welcoming me!


Welcome Hueligan! We think the fact that you need to wash less dishes is a major win! We do recommend to try and drink plenty of water when you first start with Huel as you should with any other meal & should make things a bit easier but it seems that you are doing very well and getting to your desired goal! Stay healthy! :hugs:

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Hi Debra, welcome to our Huel Forum and love the photo! I can definitely relate to that level of excitement. I feel the same way when my Huel arrives too and I agree with @Domenique_Huel! I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying it, that it has helped you save time and energy with regard to prepping some of your meals, and that it has become part of your daily life! As @DM87 also said, I too know that your story is something many Hueligans can relate to so thank you very much for sharing!

With regard to gastrointestinal distress, you were right on! Typically you would want to slowly ease into having Huel 1-2 times per day a few days per week due to the fiber content and this will allow your body time to adjust, but I am glad to hear you are no longer having those issues! And 1 or 2 Huels per day and then something else for dinner (plus a couple snacks, if you wish, depending on your preferences/needs) is what many Hueligans do. But as you mentioned, you can always adjust either the amount per serving as well as the frequency that you consume of Huel if you find something else works better for you!

With regard to energy intake, this page is one of my favorites with regard to helping to estimate where your daily needs are. It may be able to help guide you with regard to how many calories you need per day to ensure you are getting enough energy! And again, you were right on with what you noted about adjusting as you go after seeing what your body needs and that some of the weight may also be fluid (please be sure that you are hydrating adequately too)! With regard to weight loss, the recommendation is no more than ~1-2 pounds per week to ensure that this is done in a slow and consistent manner so that it can be maintained and so that you can adjust to the daily intake. This would be consuming approximately 500 calories less per day than your baseline energy needs (or whatever amount of energy you were consuming previously), if that makes sense! This page may be able to help provide a bit more insight, as well.

And again, welcome!! We are so happy that you are a Hueligan! :slight_smile: I am excited to hear how you are doing and I think we should start a celebratory my Huel arrived today photo forum thread! What to you think?

Welcome to the forum, fellow Hueligan! Great pic, awesome smile! So many things we have in common re: reasons for becoming a Hueligan I won’t be redundant about, only to say I’m happy to learn your experience is a positive one.

Just curious, do u shake or blend? What, if anything do u add for enhancements? What flavor(s) do you have and do you have a favorite yet?

P.S. ok I have to do it…do you run DMC? :grin:

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Thank you for your reply and suggestions!! I appreciate it!

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Thank you so much for your reply, I appreciate it very much! I think a Celebratory photo forum would be fantastic! I would be excited to see all the posts!


Yay! I agree 100%…stay tuned for the new forum thread! :blush: