New Berry Flavor

Just opened my Berry Huel and I have to say, not pleased at all with flavor. Its more potpourri than it is Berry. Is it possible to replace with vanilla?

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A little berry seems to go a long way. Have you tried going halfsies with vanilla? :yum:

I’ll give it a try, but I’ll if it doesn’t take the berry flavor, I would like to see is f replacing with vanilla if at all possible?

You can process an exchange for the vanilla if you’d like!

The berry is awful. It smells like strawberry but does not taste as such.
I have no problem drinking them but I won’t order this flavor again.

That’s what I started doing as well! I’m fairly pleased with the result, though I’m a big fan of the flavor so I may be biased.

Neither the berry or chocolate are terrible; neither are they very good.

The vanilla and unsweetened work out better for me.

I have tried a few Berry shakes, and am not pleased. Is it too late to switch for another flavor? Still a loyal long-time Hueler that will use Huel forever. :slight_smile: