On my 3rd Round of Huel... My Experience...& Modifications

I subscribed to receive Huel Hot & Savory. My beginning bundle was Mexican Chili, Mac & Cheese, and Cajun Pasta.
At first, I tried preparing them as shown in the instructions, but I soon made some modifications which made it much better.
I’ll usually use 1 slightly heaping scoop of Huel H&S and add water - usually a little more than is called for. Then I’ll micro for 2 min at full power, stir and micro for another 1:30 - 1:40 at half power. Then I let it sit for 5 minutes. Add a little salt and I’m good to go!
Also, I like mixing the Mexican Chili with the Mac & Cheese for a Mexican Chili-Mac type flavor.
At first I didn’t get on with the Mexican Chili; I tried combining it with some real cheese & a couple things and it turned out slimey & gross. But I tried it again later by itself with the cooking modifications and now it turns out much better.
Mylatest round was Cajun Pasta, Mac & Cheese, and Tomato & Herb which I really like!
My overall opinion? I will usually have Huel H&S for breakfast and when I do, I can definitely tell the difference in how I feel during the work day, My energy level is up and steady, and I am noticeably clear-headed, It really makes me feel good!
And I found out just by chance that the H&S and a decent cup of coffee is a great remedy for a hangover!..Seriously!

I would really like to see Huel add some kind of hot breakfast selections; maybe a hot cereal and perhaps some kind of “scramble” type selections.

Excellent Huel hacks , Aaron.:muscle: The best part about H&S is discovering how and what works for you. At the office we discuss new hacks everyday, everything from pizza to taco nights!

Hope to see you around the forum often sharing your tips🤩