Ok Huel show me whatcha got

Never heard of Huel. Asked a nutrition question on a Q+A site and I got here… What is an inexpensive, low physical volume 2000 cal daily menu plan - real food not suppliments? . Looks interesting, not alot of the BS and hype this category is famous for. Looks good, good values…exciting aaaaaand of course Canada get shafted again. I assume still a work in progress. or maybe not?

This seems to be awol:
if it’s Huel Powder you’re looking for, why not try our 34-meal starter pack? It’s been purposely designed to give you everything you need to have a great initial experience.
** is or was this a chance to sample a variety of the flavors?

Will a canada based addressed CC work for an order to a US based address?

Hats off to web designers and marketers, it is a slick presentation.

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Welcome. If you dig through the forum enough you will find people that have been on Huell for a very long time, some two absolutely mind-boggling results. There was a guy on here that lost around 130 pounds and he’s been on Huell for more than a year at this point but when he posted he had been on it for 12 to 13 months. The real question is whether or not you can make it A daily part of your life. For me I don’t have nearly as much weight to lose because I’m already in pretty good shape, but Huel Has fundamentally changed my life. It allows me to eat significantly healthier than I was before and I’m getting an absolutely great shape doing it. I hope you can figure it out on your end because it’s worth it.

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no weight loss required just dense natural cals for off grid travels. I had heard about Soylent a while back - they got into trouble with Health Can for labeling issues . They are back on the ground here but Huel it seems not interested. Looks to be huel and soyL market share fight. I like the idea of oats over soy, the cook up meals look good and the flavors are interesting. I wouldn’t mind just shaking some scoops into a rice or chili meal or oatmeal in morning to boost the sytstem, Adding to raw cacao powder+ sugar for a hot chocolate drink?

I think I must have misunderstood the sampler ref in the FAQ. I thought maybe 100gm or ?? pouches might be available to test out all the flavors in one order.

This forum is a good indicator of company values. I see lots of interaction and wide open discussion. We’ll see if canada gets some love one day.

They don’t do small samples. That is just how they operate.

I appreciate the argument that single serve packages would be an excessive amount of trash (consider Keurig K-cups as extreme example)

However, Huel’s RTD is generating a lot of single-use garbage bottles. That precedent really undermines the position against samplers.

Found the Canada update notification link. Still no answer in my OP on the CC processing on a CAN card to to US address. Until then, Soylent it will have to be.

Have you tried emailing support@huel with this inquiry?