NYC Marathon 2022

Hey all,

It’s already my favorite time of year again! Can you believe it? The NYC marathon is almost here, this Sunday - November 6, 2022. :sunglasses: :tada:

I have to ask - is anyone running it this year and/or does anyone have exciting races coming up in the near future? They don’t have to be running races either, anything at all can be mentioned!

With that being said, if you’re running the NYC marathon this year, shoot me a direct message with your name and/or bib number and I’ll be sure to add you to my app to cheer you on along the route as I’ll be there spectating. Be sure to also stay hydrated and fueled!

And if you’d like some fun tips and tricks when it comes to nutrition for endurance races going forward, let me know. They’re one of my favorite things to chat through.

My advice on race day: take a deep breath, stay hydrated/fueled, and have fun!

See you along the course, Hueligans :heart:


Good luck with your run Charlotte! Have a wonderful time! I am not a race person, but maybe one day I could be. I am still on my weight loss and fitness journey and have a ways to go before I make the goal. But, I am looking forward to getting there and the journey that comes along with that. I love <3 Huel, it’s an essential part of my weight loss journey.

Best wishes, and have a great day. -Rebecca :grinning:

Thank you Rebecca! I didn’t run this year (though I wish I did!). I just spectated and had a bunch of fun doing so. I am running next year though and very excited about it. :slight_smile:

For sure! Keep us posted on how everything is going. We’re rooting for you! :tada: