Marathons are happening and I AM EXCITED

Hey all!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week. As you may or may not know, 5 major marathons have passed in the last month or so - Berlin, London, Chicago, Boston, Tokyo (virtual).

The 6th, and my personal favorite as I was born and raised here, is New York City.

So I’ve got a few questions:

  • Do we have any marathon and/or running fans out there?!
  • Have any Hueligans run any of the previous 5 marathons?
  • Is anyone running New York City on November 7, 2021?
  • Do you know anyone running and/or will you be out there cheering too?

If so, let me know - I’ll be sure to cheer you on from the streets of NYC! :tada:

Lastly, a bit of background on me and why I am such a huge fan. I am an ultramarathon runner and Registered Dietitian. I love running because it provides me with time to reflect, it genuinely brings me joy, and I love seeing all that the body can do when you provide it with appropriate nutrients.

I’d love to use this thread to chat about all things marathons and nutrition. What have you found to be the easiest and hardest parts of your training? Any fun tips and tricks? Let’s chat about it all! :grin:


I’m an ultra-runner as well and use Huel a fair bit. It is go-to fuel for 50+ mile races and longer training runs. It’s also a big part of my recovery diet (not sure if that’s the right word) and my daily second-breakfast. Added Gnarly Greens recently, and I think that has had a positive impact as well.

Happy miles!


I have never enjoyed running, though I enjoyed cycling in the past. I am now starting with walking and trail walking, to see if running finally reels me in.

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@bobmyer Awesome to hear it! Have you had any races recently and/or any plans for future races? What drew you to ultra-running?!

Same! What product or products do you tend to use? Post-run I tend to do either two scoops Huel v3.0 or one scoop Huel v3.0 and one scoop Huel Black (depending on how I am feeling) + a frozen banana and half oatmilk/half water blended!

And anything else you’ve found to be super helpful? For me, I think constantly and consistently hydrating has been the biggest game-changer. Liquid IV is my go-to addition to my water during my runs.

I’ll have to check it out and happy miles to you too! :slight_smile:

@JohnB Cycling is amazing too! I do a bunch of indoor cycling to cross-train. I must admit, I have to get out and cycle in NYC, it’s such a beautiful city to explore and I am sure it would make cycling even more enjoyable. Do you still cycle?!

I started running about 10 years ago or so and didn’t really love it at first either. Over time, as I continued to sort of do my own thing and run/walk at my own pace and build up endurance I started to fall in love with it, with the places I would run, and with the time I had to listen to music and zone out! I also love the running community - It’s a great group of people!

Do you have a favorite trail or place you walk?!

I do not cycle currently. I am still 100lbs overweight, so I am starting with walking more. I incorporate Huel Black and Hot & Savory to keep calories in check, and I am working toward being plant based.

I do have trails near by that are easy going, with FL terrain. The weather is also getting cooler, which helps. Our summer was brutally hot.

Agreed - there’s nothing like the cold crisp air when it comes to walking/running. :grin:

Keep us posted on how everything is going!

I started ultra-running not long after I switched from pavement to trails. The trail running world is, I think, a very different vibe, especially when it comes to racing. On the trails, it’s much more “My race; my pace” feel. My next A race is a 12-hour event in June. Then a 100k in October, though it’s not a race; going end to end on the Wabash Trace in Iowa.

I’m 100% Huel Black now. Been drinking Huel since 1.0, and the Black is the closest to come to that vanilla flavor, which I grew to love. I tend to throw a little cinnamon in, too.

Hydration is definitely a game-changer, and for a coffee addict like me, it can be challenging. Nuun before running and BCAAs after help to make the hydrating more interesting.

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