I need this. Wish me luck!

Newbie here, awaiting the arrival of my first order (trying the vanilla powder first). I’ve scanned through a few of the discussions on here, and I love seeing the positive encouragement everyone has shared. I’m going to add my story to the collection, with the intention to give updates every month or so in the thread. Tips, encouragement, anecdotes, and constructive advice are welcome, but I’m doing this thread for my own benefit, hoping to look back on it for posterity when I’m about 75# down.

Current Stats: I just turned 34, and I’m 5’5"-5’6". I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been, peaking at 220# in recent months. My most recent pair of jeans purchased is a size 16.
Goal: Since I have (nearly) a year until the 35 marker, I want to trim down to 150# or better, getting down to a size 8 (depending on the store, right ladies? :roll_eyes:), so we’re looking at an (average) 1.5# loss per week–entirely possible, but that’s up to me to make it happen and stick to it! I might be able to get a little lighter on the scales, but I’m taking into account that I also want to gain back some of the strength I used to have. I used to be really competitive and a bit of a tom-boy, so I’d be the first to jump in to move heavy things around or show off how tough I was–and I’m noticing more and more that I just can’t haul heavy stuff around like I used to.

Backstory (optional reading, feel free to skip my personal journey into obesity):
Like many others, I’ve let my body get away from me since working in office settings and not being as active. I was never a TINY gal, but I stayed active with softball and dance when I was in school, so I was quite average sized with a slightly athletic build. After high school, my weight crept up to the mid 180s, but with diligent eating habits and increased exercise, I got down to about 150 in 2010–best shape of my life, and I looked pretty fantastic, so I’m basing my benchmark on something I know I’m capable of being. I think I could squeeze into a size 8 jeans then. At that time, I worked in a hardware store, so I regularly had heavy merchandise to move and stock–whether it was toilets, cast iron sinks, solid oak doors, large windows, or cement boards, I took my job very seriously and it was great for my body to stay active lifting those products throughout the day. I really didn’t go to the gym much, since I burned a lot on the job–but I definitely hopped on the treadmill when I needed a boost.

I got married in 2012, and I’m pretty sure I weighed around 170 at the time. Although my BMI was still in the “overweight” category, my health was still pretty fair, since I was carrying a lot of that as muscle still. Since then, however: both my husband and I have fallen into the usual trap of gaining weight since we like to be out with friends, we both like to cook, and we enjoy all the local beers we can find. We are musicians and play in a band together, so that adds even more bars/venues we spend time at, smashing in a burger at 2 AM after a show, in addition to going to as many concerts as possible, which means traveling out of town, eating on the road, and deep dish every couple of months when we are in Chicago. Add to that, I started working in an office job instead of retail, and packed on about 40# in the first 2 years of sitting behind a desk.

In different but related news, I will disclose that some episodes of depression have definitely influenced my weight, my ability to take care of my body, and my motivation to change–but I don’t want to talk in depth about it, just mentioning it in case that resonates with others on here who need a safe conversation.

It’s 2019, and I’m 50# more than I was at my wedding 7 years ago, 70# more than my previous adult best 9 years ago, and about 85# away from what I was in high school (I lost track of how long ago that was). The weight I’ve gained since 2012 is what worries me most, since that’s what stands between me being reasonably healthy and my current level of obesity–severely obese, depending on the chart.

I’m planning to use Huel to get me through my workday without caving for fast food or the awesome restaurants I can walk to from my office. Psychologically, I don’t think I’ll enjoy going liquid only, but maintaining a balanced nutrient intake is important to me, so I’m going to try the Vite Ramen meals for many of my at-home dinners. This should be pretty sustainable for me on Sunday through Thursdays. With my lifestyle of being out at a lot of restaurants/bars on weekends for our performances, I know there are some cravings that will be really difficult avoid, so I’m accepting that an 80/20 plan will still be a huge step in the right direction for me, and won’t make me feel left out from the rest of the band and our group of friends.

Since I’m waiting for my products to arrive, what warnings, suggestions, advice does anyone have to share? I feel like my plan is sound, but if anyone read any big red flags in my plan, please let me know.

I’ll post a photo soon in the comments as a reminder of the “before” so I can look back in a few months and see how it’s going–you know, accountability and all that. Thanks for reading and thanks for your support. Peace and love!


Hey and welcome! Full disclosure: I skipped the option part lol

I’m about your height but was 180 at my heaviest. Last year I decided to drop down to my high school weight of 150… and I did! But it was strict dieting, calorie counting, macro counting, meal prepping, working out every day out-casting journey. Eating as healthy as I was was tough, it was time consuming and rather expensive. The holidays came around last year and I climbed back up to 170. I’m pretty upset that I let that happen.

But let me tell you how Huel is amazing. It cuts out the process of finding all the right foods to eat so that all your macros and micros are met every day, it cuts out meal prep times, it fills you up, it even helps get your water intake in, all for about 2 bucks a shake.

The want to chew on tasty food is definitely going to be tough to overcome at first, but over time that’ll get easier. You should have at least a traditional meal a day though. Most of the restroom stuff you may have read on here is pretty true, so prepare for that. The flavor boosts really help. Hope you got the sample pack. It adds much needed variety to the journey. Play around with the Huel, find what works for you as far as how many scoops and how much water to use. Or even using other liquids like milk.

Hope it works for you and good luck!

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sup @brees531. I was a BMI of 38.5 in my early 30’s. Today I am, what, 20.7. Yeah, I just googled the BMI calculator. I was also a former type 2 diabetic. But that’s all in the past now.

Vanilla Huel is a good starting product. It’s versatile. It can be used with just water to get a so-so taste. It can be easily improved with a few simple ingredients and blending.

First suggestion is to get a good plant base milk. Any of them work. Even low sugar almond or oat milk. It’s the creaminess of the milk that’s important. I do a 50/50 mix of milk and water for my Huel mixtures, sometimes even a full milk for my mix.

For additives, frozen berries blended into vanilla Huel are the simplest way to really enhance the taste.

Another easy option is a half or whole banana + cinnamon powder. I’ve also found plain applesauce + cinnamon works well in vanilla Huel.

I blend all my Huel mixes at home and take in an insulated bottle with ice cubes. Then I consume it at work.


Hey @brees531. My top recommendation would be to start slowly. Replace 1 meal at a time until you reach the level you want and then start with whatever healthy calorie deficit you decide on (I saw your other post that mentioned this), after you’ve let your body get used to huel.

Also, there are 4 variables that you’ll need to adjust to your taste. I recommend playing with all of them until you know what works best for you:

  1. Flavor/add-ins
  2. Liquid to huel ratio
  3. How fast you drink it. Some spread it out some almost chug it. This may affect digestion.
  4. Mixing right before you drink vs mixing the night before and leaving in the fridge

Welcome and best of luck!


I’m super new to huel, but like to imagine i’m a seasoned veteran, who is extremely wise, etc.
here’s my thoughts:

Do NOT run out of Huel. This can make it very hard to track calories, & VERY easy to Binge!

Like others have said, i’d recommend easing into it. 200-300 calorie huel the first day, and not more than 1 huel for (at least) the first three days. Just my opinion, others will likely disagree.

3rd, Good Luck! We’re rooting for you!


Hey @brees531, Welcome! I have been using Huel Powder since about April 26, 2019. I am 6’, and I started at 248 lbs. and I am now at 225.5 lbs. (the lightest I have been in 20 years). On my way to 185!

In regards to the Vanilla, you ordered, I always get that along with Chocolate. In both, I always add water and about 5 ice cubes, more if they are very small ones. In Vanilla, I sometimes add one packet of Truvia and always add 3/4 tsp of Organic Ground Cinnamon. I think the taste is great.

One other thing to consider in your journey of weight loss is to try Intermittent Fasting. I would suggest you Google it and do some research on the benefits. The most popular is 16:8, I do 17:7 - Fasting for 17 hours and my eating window is 7 hours (Huel at 12:30 PM, Huel at 3:45 PM and then a healthy dinner at 7:00 PM - then I am done). That’s my suggestion to you.

Good Luck, You WILL get to your goal!


@gsenteno, thank you! The price is a big factor for me. I’ve wasted money on other things before that I either didn’t like, didn’t stick to, or didn’t do what I hoped–so the fact that it is pretty light price per shake makes it worth another attempt. Browsing through the discussion boards on here and seeing people’s first-hand accounts sealed the deal for me–all positive encouragement among users and some truly inspiring success stories.

I’ve seen a few others start a similar thread with their story, and I’m sad to see some without an update since last fall. I want to see this all the way through to my goal, and hopefully be able to encourage some other newbies along the way.

Thanks for the support!

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@Deron, thank you! I’m glad to have some advance suggestions on getting a good flavor. I’ve used some unsweetened almond milk before, and I don’t mind it at all, as long as it’s really cold. I don’t drink a lot of milk anyway, but I think I will enjoy my Huel more creamy than watery. I’m already planning to test it out with milk to see what works for me. I am curious about your recommendation specifically for a plant-based milk. Is your reasoning for nutrient balance, flavor, ethics, or something else? I wasn’t sure if there was a specific reason to AVOID animal milk with Huel, or if that’s your personal preference. I don’t have any dietary struggles with traditional dairy products, but I know some people have different reasons for using alternatives. Ultimately, if plant-based will work best with my Huel, I’m all for it!

I’m also trying the flavors they offer to start off, but since strawberries are my go-to favorite fruit, I’ll be getting a big bag of frozen ones to blend in there, too. Even if I incorporate some add-ins like that, it will be easy enough to recalculate the calories and adjust scoops and other meals as necessary.

Does the ice end up leaving yours watered-down by the end of the day, or does it blend in too much to notice?
Thanks for the tips!

@HuelJackman, you have absolutely the best name on here, btw! I’ve been taking notes from some of these discussions to compile awesome ideas to test against my preferences. Since you laid out 4 important variables, can you tell me what some of your favorite “settings” are?

  1. Do you prefer creating your own flavors by adding fruits & other ingredients, do you like the Huel flavor booster, or d you go plain out of the bag?
  2. What ratio do you prefer? Water or milk? I wonder what other options people have used.
  3. Do you find sipping or chugging to be more enjoyable? I think I read that some people chug because it tends to thicken as it sits longer–is that true? Is there something happening to the Huel that makes it more or less effective as it sits/thickens?
  4. If it thickens as it sits, I guess people who like a thinner consistency probably don’t want to make it in advance. What’s your preferred way?

Thank you!

Support is something you’ll find in bunches here, unlike the rest of the internet lol.

I am only on my fifth bag so still relatively new as well. I haven’t any significant results as far as weight loss goals but that’s because I’m still eating like crap on weekends and not sticking to my workout routine. But what has changed is throughout the work week, I’m saving time and money on food because of Huel. And eating nutritionally sound as well. I feel great, I wake up with energy, I power through my day.

I see you asked a few other questions and thought I’d add my two cents as well
1.I like to keep it convenient so I don;t add anything to it but the flavor boosts. Anything else will likely require that it be blended.
2. I like mine thin, so I make my Huel one scoop at a time with 15 ounces of water.
3. Since its just a one scoop serving, I am able to finish it pretty fast. I do that on purpose so it doesnt thicken.
4. I stopped making mine in advance. I make and consume immediately.

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None of this comes from a place of judgement, because I used to consume cow dairy for most of my life. So I was part of the system myself. I have simply learned there are better ways.

  1. Nutrient balance.
    a) Plant milks lack the high levels of saturated fat that cow milk does. Plant milks have no trans fat, whereas cow’s milk contains small amounts. Plant milks have no cholesterol. All in all, this translates to a better fat nutrition profile which is associated with better cholesterol levels in long-term studies. (And there no doubt that trans fat is bad for human health, so we should avoid it outright, if possible.) Also, saturated fat and trans fat is associated with insulin resistance, the foundation of type 2 diabetes and most cases of obesity.

b) Cow milk (and human milk) contain the protein called casein. Although casein is a “complete protein” and useful for growing babies, it’s not necessarily good for adults. Casein has been shown to induce tumors in rat models. Casein also has a stronger insulin response than other proteins. Casein can stimulate IGF-1. Basically casein is a very anabolic protein and the levels in cow milk are quite high. This is perfect for a baby cow who is born around 70 to 80 pounds and has to double his mass in 6 months. For a 43 year old human (me), this protein is too much. It’s probably not good for my health.

c) Cow milk has lactose. Many people, including me, are lactose intolerant.

d) Animal milk contains fat soluble hormones. Not a lot. But in the aggregate, drinking cow milk on a daily basis exposes humans to appreciable amounts of female cow hormones. I would rather avoid this, if possible.

  1. Flavor. I have grown to prefer the taste of soy and oat milk.

  2. Ethics. Most dairy cows are kept in deplorable conditions their entire miserable life. Many youtube videos showing undercover footage verify this.

So plant milk costs as much as cow milk. Plant milks can taste just as good. Why should I pay someone else to keep an animal in horrible conditions, treated as a mere object, to then sell me a product which is likely bad for my health?


@Deron, I appreciate the extra info on each of these points, thank you! Cholesterol is something I should be paying more attention to, but I’ve not been prioritizing it as much as I ought to.

I’m currently pretty conflicted over how much I enjoy some dairy products. I really don’t drink milk much (I can’t remember the last time I had a glass–probably 6 months ago. My issue is that I really love CHEESE. I’m pretty conflicted (especially lately) because as much as I love it, I am increasingly aware and disgusted by the treatment of animals in large-scale operations. That’s something I personally need to be more mindful about and make a deliberate change. That being said, I also eat meat, but for some reason that’s easier for me to skip for days or weeks at a time. I enjoy the flavor of it, but I don’t have the pangs of craving meat like I do for cheese, which is why I see that as more of an obstacle for me. I’m also hoping that the discipline of sticking to Huel will help curb some of those feelings.

Back to the nutrition side, your info is very helpful–I like learning more about those details. I haven’t spent the time to dive really hard into dietary science, but it’s a casual interest and I like to absorb knowledge about it as I apply more improvements to my lifestyle.

@Antone, thanks for that advice. I’m looking forward to trying it as soon as my first order arrives, which I hope will give me an idea of how long shipping will take for future needs. Depending on how things go with my first order, I plan to set up the auto-ship method, but I just don’t know yet how many bags I’ll need. Binging has been a problem for me in the past. Especially using the stupid excuse that I need to consume all the junk food in my house so I don’t eat it once my diet starts. Terrible plan, but I’m guilty of doing that before. This time, I’m trying to set up my defenses now and have smarter plans in place for the meals I will eat congruent to my Huel intake.

I’ll definitely be easing into it because I’m don’t want my insides to be angry with me by changing my too much too quickly. Good advice to spend a few days just making sure everything runs smoothly :poop:

Thank you for chiming in! I’m so excited to try it and I really hope I like it without having to doctor it up too much to my tastes, for more convenience at work. I work in a library–I don’t think they’d want me running a blender at my desk!

@MNSk8r That’s pretty great progress in just a few months–congratulations!

I’ve been reading up on the discussion boards and also in some other books/materials about intermittent fasting already I unintentionally do a terrible version of IF, so I definitely want to do it more carefully and correctly. For years, it has been rare for me to eat anything before 1 pm, simply because I’m not hungry when I wake up in the mornings, then I get busy at work until I break for lunch. Many days, I’ll try to sneak in a nap on my lunch instead of eating, so it hasn’t been uncommon for me to eat only dinner on any given weekday. My failure in that is really because my only meal would be completely over-indulgent binge meals (standard American restaurant portions) instead of a balanced plate, and it was easy to justify to myself because it was the only thing I would eat, even if it were at 10 pm. I guess the only good coming out of that experience is knowing that I can already go 16+ hours without food and not too much fuss, as long as I have some drinking water at hand.

With your Huel at lunchtime and another in the afternoon, you still feel hungry for dinner at 7? Or do you do slightly smaller servings that close together? I keep seeing different people post about 1, 2, and 3 scoop portions. Not sure what I’ll be most satisfied with from a flavor and “fullness” perspective. I mathed out what I will plan for on a daily calorie intake, but I don’t know if that will be in more tiny portions or fewer large drinks.


This is my daily schedule:

  • 12:30 - 12:45 PM - Lunch: 2 Scoops (100g, 400 Calories) & about 18 oz water.
  • 3:45 PM - Afternoon meal: 2 Scoops (100g, 400 Calories) & about 18 oz water.
  • 6:30 - 7:15 PM - Dinner: Whatever I am hungry for. Usually something in the range of 600 - 800 calories.

I am still 225 lbs so I need enough Calories so I don’t go into starvation mode but enough of a deficit so I am losing Fat. If you do IF and your eating window is 7 - 8 hours, I would do 2 - 3 meals. I would not try to stretch it to 4 - 5 meals in that time frame.

Intermittent fasting, for the win! As much as I appreciate changing my diet to a plant-based one, it was the IF that originally got me jump started on my positive results. (Of course, IF is compatible with any food type and I can eat plant-only during my feeding window which is what I do now.) But I cannot stress how helpful IF was for me any my wife, once we got used to it.

I stopped all exercise for 2 weeks when I first started IF. I also tracked my times on a spreadsheet. I then gradually eased into the window by going 12 hours without food on first two days, then stretched it to 13 hr, then 14 hr, all the way to 16 hours. No exercise meant less hunger stimulation which made this process easier. Once I got used to the 16 hr daily fast, I slowly introduced exercise back, in the fasted state only. And this took a few months to get used to. When I first started exercising fasted I could only do 20 or 25 min. But again, the purpose is to put diet and IF first, exercise is secondary. Exercise has many benefits and can improve insulin sensitivity. But it also stimulates hunger in proportion to the amount exercised. By only exercising in my hour 14 or 15 of my fast, I ensured that I could not exercise too hard, and thus it was much easier to control eating during the feeding window and go 16 hours when the next fast started.

This is in stark contrast to my previous program of exercising 2 to 3 hours a day most days of the week, but eating a ton. Yes, I was strong, but was also kinda fat. And I had to panic eat a lot. No more. IF cured my panic eating. It’s as much of a physical benefit as is a mental benefit. It’s a form of mental training, if you will.

Huel is frequently the last meal I eat before starting my daily 16 hr fast. The slow digesting aspect of it makes the fast easier.

I never counted any calories, portions, or macros ever since I started this program in Feb 2018. I only count the number of hours between my dinner and my first meal the next day. I’ve stopped all supplements except a twice weekly vitamin B12 tablet.

Lol, I hear you! I started out with around 300 kcal for the first 2 days, and I noticed it, but it was a neutral feeling.

I totally hear you on the bad binge before diet thing. Just remember, it’s better to give it away or toss it out than it is to binge on it! It sounds like you’re going to do great! I’m glad you’re planning wisely.
side note: I’ve been on a diet before where it told you to throw out all your margarine. Literally. RIGHT NOW. I thought it was the funniest thing, but I did it. I guess that COULD apply to the sugar / sweets too. but one thing that sometimes works, (sometimes not) is out of sight, out of mind.

I’ve only tried vanilla so far, but it tastes just fine to me. I’ve also tried adding in chocolate almond milk, and regular vitamin D milk, & personally haven’t noticed a huge difference in flavor / texture.

I’m sure blending it, with add-ins like fruit, flavor boost, peanut butter, ice, etc would make it a lot better, but if you’re on the go or want something quick, water / huel in a blender bottle works great.

The cheese thing. Personally, I think if you love cheese, eat it! In Moderation. calculate it in. I personally like the mozzarella cheese sticks, but i love cheddar as well. I know they have mozzarella string cheese, as well as individually portioned cheddar etc. bad ethics? maybe. Amazing!!? Absolutely. Maybe you can find a brand that treats the animals well? it’d be a win-win.
Sometimes i’ll find myself eating a cheese stick with my huel, though i usually binge on crackers & nuts at the same time… :crazy_face: I’m planning to start my huel diet soon though! as my first order just arrived today! (I started out on my brothers supply of vanilla) :stuck_out_tongue:
I got U/U, Berry, Chocolate, Vanilla, choc-mint flav boost, sample flav boosts, & I bought some GV Powdered PB. I can update you on my personal preferences later if you’d like!

UPDATE #1: I received my order on Thursday, but I was out of town over the weekend. Since others had suggested I ease my way into using it, I decided not to dive in until I was back at home in my normal routine. I made up a small 1/2 scoop glass yesterday to try the flavor, using plain water w/vanilla Huel. Not too bad! I had one small unpleasant clump (my fault, since I just stirred it in, instead of using the shaker for a tiny portion), I know how the overall texture is and it doesn’t bother me. I will probably make mine up with the strawberry flavor add-in most of the time, but it’s good to know I’ll be able to drink a plain one if I’m in a hurry, run out of flavor, or just want to change it up. I’ll also explore other ingredients like frozen fruit and using almond milk, but I want to make this habit stick before I change things up too much with outside ingredients.

I made today’s shake last night and left it in the refrigerator overnight–with my car key!–so I wouldn’t forget to bring it with me to work. A tiny bit of it leaked out of the shaker bottle, so I may have to explore a different vessel if that continues to be a problem.

To reiterate my goal: I am aiming to use Huel (and Vite Ramen) as my primary weekday meals, and allowing myself more leeway on the weekends. My first BIG goal is to get down by 50# by early November (big performance that weekend, and I want to look and feel great for it!), and to ultimately lose another 20# before the end of May 2020 (my 35th birthday!)–and more than that would be awesome! I’ll definitely be re-assessing as I go, since I’m not sure how quickly I’ll meet my first mark. The numbers aren’t as important to me as how I feel and function, but they’re an easy metric to track as I work toward better health.


@Antone, you had a head start on me by using your brothers supply initially, and it looks like you got your first order just over a week ago. Did you dive in with a daily Huel diet plan? What are your favorites, now that you’ve had opportunities with the U/U, Berry, and other flavor boosts?

I’m sorry to report, But i’m really not a fan of the artificial sweeteners, namely sucralose. I believe i’m mildly allergic. The Flavors are OK, but the chocolate flavor was wildy underwhelming, the berry was okay, but I think out of the 3 I like the Vanilla best. I’m not a huge vanilla fan, but i’m not a hater either.
However, due to the artificial sweeteners, I’ll probably be sticking to U/U, & using small / moderate amounts of other flavors or sweeteners, such as coconut / cane sugar, cocoa, honey, maple syrup, Hershey’s Simply 5 syrup, coconut, banana, fruit, etc. I plan to finish my choc mint flavor boost over time, but probably won’t buy more because the stevia, but haven’t decided yet. It’s a little expensive too, but so is everything it seems. Thinking about trying out half n half or something too, but might stick with Milk. Oh yeah, and I’ve been using Protein Powder, & Peanut Butter Powder too. Those are pretty great, but the protein powder you gotta watch for the ingredients & cost, etc. One thing i’ve got to watch though, is the calories. (also, 25g added sugars / day max is recommended for general health)

As for the weight loss, I think i’ve lost 5 lbs so far, since about 2+ weeks ago. from 219 to 214.

My max weight has been about 225, and haven’t been below 210 in probably 5+ years.
About 6 years ago I was stable around 190 or 192. I thought I was overweight then, but didn’t think it was a serious problem, & probably wasn’t, except that I gained after that… next thing I knew, i’d gained a lot of weight (around 35 lbs), & was at around 29.99% BMI… (up from around 24.99%)
But i’ve mostly been around 215 - 220. When i hit 225, i did a diet, lost 10, gained 5 back, then later, lost 10, gained 5 back again. so i was at 215.

Some people might think 215-225 aint too bad, but it’s all relative. I Don’t feel good, I don’t look good, & I have health issues due to it. 30% BMI is considered Obese for me, being a Male & whatnot, & playing with the line at 29 to 29.99% BMI is not my idea of a good time. My goal is to get down to 184, then probably get down to 170. My ideal weight is probably right around 169.9 lbs, and I usually weigh myself when i’m dehydrated (not on purpose), So i’d be right above that, & if I gain back some weight, it won’t be too bad as long as I don’t go past around 177. I never want to weigh more than 192 ever again.

Disclaimer: I haven’t been on a strict diet (by any means).
But I have been trying to watch my portions / calories / & bad food / sugar intake.
I was considering going all-out hardcore, and eating 2-3 huel meals a day, and possibly not eating anything else. I just didn’t. I don’t know why exactly, but I just never committed. However, I do plan to use Huel regularly, as part of my commitment to lose weight! If it comes down to it, i’m glad I have huel as a backup, in case I do decide that being hardcore is required. & maybe, when i’m ready, I might decide to anyway!

I guess my main difficulty is knowing how many calories i’m consuming. Dinner throws everything off, because i’ve got no clue how many calories i’m eating. I don’t use myfitnesspal, & I don’t measure my exact portions.

Initially I felt pretty full on Huel, & i’m not sure if it’s sugar issues or what, but I sometimes find myself feeling hungry. It’s funny though, I noticed one day I was doing hard labor, & burning tons of calories. My body was craving an in-n-out burger, or pizza. BUT I was equally intent on the idea of having a Huel! My mind was reaching for huel, & I was like geeze, that’s cool!

here’s a link that may be helpful