Nutrition in ONE meal?

Hello. Why the Huel site is so hard to get answers from, I don’t know. But the way it’s being ‘sold’ to anyone visiting the site is that you get 100% of your nutrition with Huel. And that since there are 28 meals in two bags. (I thought it was in 28 meals in one bag, so that was my expensive mistake) one would assume that they’re getting 100% of the advertised nutrition in EACH meal. In sifting through forums, I am not so sure now. Can anyone answer this? If I have to consume several Huel “meals” a day to get 100% of the nutrition, it is insanely overpriced.

Apologies if you had difficulty with our site.

You can find all the nutritional information here:

I’m not sure what you mean by advertised nutrition, would you mind clarifying?

As with food, which is what Huel is, consumption of multiple meals is required for 100% nutrition. Your body would be unable to absorb and utilise 100% of your daily requirements for all your macro- and micronutrients in one sitting.

At $1.75 a meal we don’t feel this is overpriced at all. Compare it to a typical sub or lunch option and your getting convenient nutrition at a much cheaper price.


I think they formulated it so that if you ate 2000 calories of Huel per day, you’d ingest 100% of the necessary micronutrients and essential fatty acids and essential amino acids that an average human would need. Now if you only ate one or two 400 calorie servings in s day, you’d not get all essential nutrients recommended by the RDA. But you’d likely be consuming other food and get nutrients from that as well.

They don’t want to load all the RDA of vitamins and minerals into one 400 calorie meal, so that you wouldn’t over consume unnecessary vitamins in case you ate other food beyond a single Huel serving each day, which is the case most of the time.

So Huel’s nutrition contents are basically the same as a well rounded nutritious meal. It would contain lots of essential nutrients but not all that you’d need for a full day. But if you did want to consume 2000 calories of Huel, you could get all you need from just Huel.