How many bags for one month of meals 1600 calories a day?

Sorry I’m bad at math. If I wanted to buy one month of Huel for my food and I drink 1600 calories a day how many bags would that be?

We don’t recommend to have Huel for 100% of your meals but here’s some numbers to help you out.

  • A suggested Huel meal is 400kcal.
  • 4, 400kcal meals = 1600kcal
  • There are 17, 400kcal meals per bag.
  • So based on a 30 day month you will need just over 7 bags of Huel.

I usually do 2 a day then eat something for dinner. Theoretically can’t you live exclusively on Huel?

You can live on 100% huel or soylent. They are designed to be full on meal rellacements… i have pretty much 0 knowledge on huels background, but ill reference the founder of soylent for example.

I forget their old slogan they used last year, but this is their new one - “While not intended to replace every meal, Soylent can replace any meal.” While both can be a replacement for 100% of your food source, its a liability that huel/soylent would have to accept incase something unknown goes wrong. Both contain all the FDA required vitamins/nutrients, but there could still be some that are unknown to be required… Making a drink to include 100% of those needs is literally the best way to discover whats missing on the required list. The people who live on 100% huel/soylent for extended periods of time are basically running human trials for free.

Dan works as a nutrition executive for huel, so i don’t think he will directly say you can live exclusively on huel. The FDA list seems pretty damn solid in this era, so if you do live on 100% huel i really don’t think you anything to worry about what so ever. I live on 90% huel/soylent.

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Nice. Thanks for the detailed reply.

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Yes, and we have run a couple of trials looking into this here. The reason why I wouldn’t recommend it is you there are the social aspects to food, cooking is a good skill, getting a variety of phytonutrients and fibers is possible by eating a varied diet which is where Huel as part of a healthy diet is the ideal. For some people they don’t see food like that and would rather not have the hassle so go 100% but it’s really a minority of Hueligans.

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Does huel lack any specific phytonutrients or fibers that you would consider beneficial? If so, could you recommend any ideal fruits or vegetables/supplements to blend in with huel on a regular basis?

Good question!

No specific phytonutrients, no. Most of the nutritional evidence is around a higher fruit and vegetable consumption rather than the specific compounds they contain. I don’t think much of fruit/vegetable supplements but if you want to add whole fruits and vegetables to your Huel go for it!