Are there problems with having solely Huel for meals?

I have recently gotten back into Huel after a few years and I am loving the new Hot and Savoury and the new Black flavours. So much so that I was thinking of switching over to having Huel for most of my meals. I was thinking of something like 2-3 Hot and Savoury meals and 2 Black meals a day to hit my 2000kcal goal for weight loss. I would occasionally have other meals, but my main routine would be just Huel. Provided I don’t feel any issues with my stomach, should I be worried about anything?

Probably pretty rancid, eye watering, nose hair singeing bum fumes.

Aside from…no. Make sure to get your fruits and veggies in there. Some nutrients you won’t get from straight Hueling it…i.e.; tomatoes, carrots, beets, spinach, cherries, blueberries, cranberries.

And drink lots of water.



There is an article if you search the forums that covers this. While its not advised. it’s doable. I personally like my liquid meals but just cant beat wholesome meals also. Plus cant enjoy meat with Huel :stuck_out_tongue:


Many have done it, and we have one individual, @Justin_Keikhlasan who is going a straight year on only Huel Black.

Check out his posts, they’re highly informative.

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Hey Karl! Welcome to the Huel forum :grin:

As @Umichi mentioned, we do not recommend 100% Huel as variety is also important to your daily intake. However, this is not to say that you cannot consume 100% Huel if you so choose as it is nutritionally complete and so long as you do not have a medical condition with different daily nutrient requirements.

I am not sure how frequently you currently consume Huel, but if you are interested in consuming Huel as 100% of your intake (or close to it), I would recommend you gradually increase the amount of Huel you consume daily and not changing over all at once.

As @nachosalad78 mentioned, you also want to be sure you’re drinking adequate amounts of water/fluid as you increase fiber - and Huel is high in fiber!

Lastly, completely agree with @DM87! If you’re interested, definitely take a look!

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thanks for the awesome information.

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thanks my issue has been fixed.

Good point about variety being important. Are there any foods, or types of foods that you in particular that you recommend we eat in our non-Huel meals to ensure that we have proper variety in our diet? For example, I imagine eating a regular meal with oatmeal would not achieve that.

Hey Tim - Great question and also… welcome to the US Huel Forum!!

It can be super easy to get lost trying to ensure you have the right amount of every single nutrient at every single meal that isn’t Huel because most foods aren’t nutritionally complete by themselves. However, it isn’t necessary to think that way and can also feel quite overwhelming.

While a lot of other foods aren’t nutritionally complete by themselves (like your example of plain oatmeal), this doesn’t mean they aren’t good to have and include in your intake!

What is most important is to try and have different foods throughout the day to ensure that overall you’ve not just eaten one thing. So if you do want to have plain oatmeal for breakfast, there’s nothing wrong with that, but maybe don’t have plain oatmeal as 100% of your intake, if you can help it! Maybe later on try and have some fruits and veggies, other grains, and some protein and healthy fats (oils, nuts, fatty fish if you consume fish, etc.) instead. You can certainly add some of these things to the oatmeal too (I love adding some fruits and nuts)!

When it comes to dietary intake for healthy individuals, the bigger picture is most important rather than one meal or one food you’ve eaten (even if you do want to consume oatmeal all day for one day, as long as this is not consistently the case, it likely won’t have too large of an impact other than maybe you won’t want to eat oatmeal again for a bit :joy:). Hope that helps!

Hi Charlotte,

Thanks for the response!

Not sure if you may more info you’d be able to provide, but to clarify my question - are there any foods/types of foods that are complementary to Huel from a dietary/nutritional diversity perspective?

I’m not too stressed about it, but do find the topic interesting and wanted to learn more. On a practical level, I find that I am consuming a larger percentage of my diet as Huel, so have a smaller number of whole-food meals (sometimes just one meal) that I have the “opportunity” to work in some complementary foods.

I chose oatmeal as an example because if I’m consuming Huel, it doesn’t seem like it would be adding any variety to my diet since Huel already has oats as one of its main ingredients. (But please correct me if my logic is wrong :slight_smile: )


If you’re worried about convenience or staying on macros, a vacuum sealer with microwave bags would allow you to also make large batches of simple meals to portion out and save in the freezer for when you want to add variety. I’m not attempting a 100% Huel diet myself but the vacuum sealer has been great for me as someone who lives by themself

Hey Tim - Ah gotcha!

I’d say a variety of fruits and veggies are at the top of the list for me. In terms of specific ones, nothing in particular, but I’d go with the popular recommendation - try to have a bunch of colors on the plate!

The reason being that while Huel does contain nutrients that you find in fruits and veggies like vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, it does not (for the most part aside from Huel Hot and Savory and acerola cherry powder in v3.0) contain actual fruits/veggies.

What kinds of things do you currently have!?

Thanks! That general guidance is helpful.

I recently started using more Huel because I have less time (living in hospital to take care of child during chemo).

My diet was generally pretty healthy before that. Mostly plant based, with emphasis on greens (about 1 lb a day), lots of fruit and healthy fats. Protein mostly came from tofu and fish (I know…no a plant :slight_smile: )

I’ll try to add some fruits and vegetables to the shakes and more of that during regular meals.

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Sorry to hear this, Tim. Please know we are sending your family our well wishes throughout.

I can also certainly see how Huel can be helpful as a food option in a pinch when you do not have as much time. I am so happy to hear it has been helpful in this regard.

Please also give your direct messages a look - I just messaged you too!

That sounds great!

Let me know if you have any additional questions/concerns or nutrition topics of interest in the future too. Happy to help out and would love to chat about any nutrition topics!