Order Not Shipping

Has anyone else had problems ordering from this site? I like the product (originally ordered on Amazon), but when I ordered it through this site (7 days ago), my order still has not shipped, even though a “label was created” four days ago. This is way outside of the timeline mentioned in the FAQ. Again not a problem with the shipper, but definitely a problem with order fulfillment.

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Apparently there was a problem with some orders last week. Last week on April 5 I ordered my next supply. The website told me a shipping label was generated and I got a tracking number. I waited several days and the tracking still showed it was not sent to be shipped out. So I found my email from Huel titled “Your #### shipment is on the way” and forwarded that to support@huel.com . In my forwarded email I referenced my order number (although it will be seen in the forwarded message) and the http tracking for my order (which is available on their original email as well) and simply said that it has been 5 business days and the actual order was not shipped.

Less than 12 hours I got a response from Huel explaining that a small number of orders on April 5 and 6 had a fulfillment glitch. She got the error corrected within 24 hours and my stuff was shipped next day, with the tracking updated.

Huel had some fulfillment and shipping issues in the past which seems to have resolved, minus this one glitch from last week. They are good about responding to that email I listed there. But to be on the safe side, I am now ordering my next shipments at least 3 weeks before I plan to run out of my supply. Also, I do not subscribe since I sometimes bake with my Huel and thus my usage is not consistent.

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Yup. I ordered on 4/14 (Saturday). Label created 4/16 (Monday). Then nothing. I understand that they are a small company so delays are fine. But perhaps the FAQ should be updated to reflect the likelihood of a delay due to the size of their company and the number of orders they are receiving.