Not losing any weight

Well I the first month I have lost 10 lbs and the 2nd month I didn’t lose anything. I am dancing to bodygrove and I have taken a few hikes in the smoky mountains with my daughter. I did bring along Huel for Breakfast and Lunch. I am a little depressed at not losing at least 3 lbs more.
The Huel is starting to taste bland so I added a sweet n low to give it a sweeter taste. I use 3 scoops with water so I guess I am having 250 cal for breakfast and 250 cal for lunch. I am hungry most of the day and extreamly hungry at night. This does not stop my cravings.
I need some advise…Help!!

What are you having for dinner? Is there anything else you are eating besides Huel?

So, you’re not losing more weight, but on the plus side you’re not putting any back on either. That’s something to feel positive about. Clearly the caloric intake outside of your Huel use is where you should focus.

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I usually eat 4 to 6 oz of meat, chicken or fish with a salad - oil and vinegar and starch like rice/potato/bread. Some times I have chicken parm with spaghetti and a garlic roll or a salad. Sometimes I have a small slice of pie for desert ( I don’t normally have desert). I don’t want to deprive myself and go on a binge eating so I have a little slice or a piece of whatever I feel like.
If I get really hungry at night I will make some popcorn and it has to have butter on it. or a few crackers with a slice of cheese.

If it were me I would try making some substitutions for the high GI carbs you listed.

Veggie spirals for pasta, riced cauliflower for real rice, low sugar protein bar for pie, keto almond bread for conventional garlic bread, etc.

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3 scoops is probably more than 250 calories.

Can you try weighing how much Huel you have for breakfast and lunch? If your scoops are near mine in size/weight you may be around 500 kcal per meal.

With a decent dinner, you might be at or above the kcal you need to break the plateau and lose enough to reach your goal.

3 scoops equal 1 cup and I divide that between breakfast and lunch.

I will start drinking more water as I really don’t over indulge in carbs. It’s only once in a while I’ll have a piece of garlic bread or pasta or even a piece of pie which might be once a month. Could be my hormones since I am post menopause. I will keep on trying

I don’t know. How much is once in a while? Is once in while more than you think? The things you mentioned it like butter and spaghetti and things are a lot of calories. Maybe if you use all of oil, you can see how much you are putting more easily. I’m not saying to do this forever because it isn’t sustainable, but for one week for example, try keeping a closer tab on the calories you eat for dinner. Every time you put it in your mouth, make sure you count it. Also, if you are feeling hungry, it probably isn’t a good idea to have a large dinner. It may be a good idea to spread out more throughout the day. I mostly just eat one meal a day plus some snacks and I am fine. However, my big meal that I eat is normally lunch and I just have snacks throughout the rest of the day. Huel has become my main meal for most days., So you are actually eating more calories than you thought. Maybe you could lower calorie substitutions for some of the things. Maybe you could find a lower calorie dessert that you like such as pie without the crust or dark chocolate or sugar-free things and stuff like that. Maybe instead of potatoes or rice, you could try something lower calorie like green beans. Also, you can eat things throughout the day that are low-calorie, but that can make you feel like you are eating such as miso soup or chicken broth. Cauliflower mashed potatoes can actually be very good even though they don’t sound that good, and there are also other low-calorie things like mushrooms. Also, check your portions because what you think is 4 to 6 ounces of meat may actually not be. Most Americans tend to eat like 8 to 10 ounces of meat in one sitting. I know, you don’t want to hear me say it, but it could be true. Like one chicken breast is 3 ounces and that is the standard size one, not the big one.Maybe you could also find some lower calorie options like baked apples with cinnamon and honey. I do know that the honey is higher calorie, but a dessert like that would still feel indulgent, but would be lower calorie then a maybe you could also find some lower calorie options like baked apples with cinnamon and honey. I do know that the honey is higher calorie, but a dessert like that would still feel indulgent, but would be lower calorie than a pie. pie. Also, Jell-O makes a lot of low-calorie desserts like Jell-O pudding and things.


I don’t think three scoops is 250 calories.

Three scoops is suppose to be 500 cal. I mix it with 20 to 25 oz of water. Half is for breakfast and 1/2 for lunch which is 250 cal each. I hope I am doing this right.


I’ve transitioned to an almost 100% plant-based diet, minimizing oils. I am eating a ton during my feeding window, yet I feel full and still keep losing weight. The fiber and slow digesting food from vegetables and legumes makes it very easy to fill up but not gain body fat. A half cup of beans with your dinner can really help with this. Maybe try adding this. Sunflower seeds and raw nuts in small amounts can fill you up and keep you satisfied.

I also practice 16-hr daily intermittent fasting. I felt like the in-between meal snacking, especially at night, was the cause of my gradual weight gain the previous years. Cutting out that evening snack was a big key to my weight loss last year.

Just don’t start looking up the research on dairy/cheese, especially if you like it. Don’t do it. You’ll be sorry. It ruined cheese for me. It honestly is depressing.

In case you haven’t seen it already, we have a weight loss guide including a calorie calculator and tips on how to use Huel to fuel your goals at Keep us updated on your progress!

Great tips, thanks for sharing your process. Kellie (aka Mijack). is a great tool to help manage your kcal needs. Kellie