Help with working out a Huel meal plan?

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I’m just away to receive my first subscription of Huel and I would like to know how to best use it. I’m currently 21, slightly overweight, 5ft 10”, 185 pounds and only exercise once/twice a week however I’m starting to get myself into a routine.

To maintain my current weight I would be at 2,220 but obviously wish to lose weight meaning I would need to drop 500 calories. Is anyone able to help me make a plan on how much I should be using Huel and when? I wish to be eating a normal meal for my dinner if possible.

Thank you for any help!

Hey! I started drinking Huel for weight loss too. There are a lot of alternative ways to diet, but the best (and most effective) weight loss is a calorie deficit.
I’m assuming you already calculated the amount of calories you need to consume for weight loss. With a 500 calorie deficit you’ll lose about a pound a week. Some people prefer eating through a specific time window, but if you want to have the closest semblance you can to a “normal” schedule, you can do what I do.
I’m on a 1,300 calorie diet which is also a 1,300 calorie deficit, which means I really don’t get to eat a lot - so I have to make sure the foods I do eat keep me full.
It’s recommendable you start on one Huel shake a day which would cover 400 calories, leaving you with 1,320 calories - around the same amount of calories I consume.
A normal diet for you could be the following:
400 calorie Huel shake (could be breakfast - it’s definitely filling)
300 calorie snack (check below for snack ideas)
300 calorie light lunch (Lean Cuisine type meals usually aim around the 300 calorie mark)
700 calorie dinner

Of course, some variations on this could be taking 100 calories off dinner and drinking another Huel shake as a snack. Making your daily meals consist of 2 Huel shakes, a light lunch, and a 600 calorie dinner, which is still a significant dinner.


  • Apple with 2 tbsp of peanut butter (300 calories)
  • Carrots with hummus (one of my personal favorites, both hummus and carrots are low in calories, but high in fiber so you can eat a good amount and it’ll help you feel fuller)
  • Greek yogurt with granola
  • Mixed berries
  • Unsalted and unflavored popcorn (seriously, you can eat cups of it - great for eating over a longer period of time)

A lot of what you already love can be modified to fit your diet. I personally get a 300 calorie pint of Halo Top ice cream (heavy in fiber and packs up to 24g of protein!) and pig out on it instead of a light lunch when I have a sweet tooth =) you could eat cookies, but with the calorie count on most regular cookies, you’d only be able to eat 4 cookies, which is hardly filling, mostly fat, and doesn’t provide much in terms of nutrients. So it’s not just calorie counting, it’s also being smart about the calories that are going in.

Regarding dinner, meal prepping is key here. Choose something you love and don’t think you could get sick of. For me it was mac and cheese, but I like to make something new every week. I eat generous portions of mac and cheese, shrimp carbonara, spaghetti and meatballs, turkey tacos, etc., They’re filling, savory, and you can be more aware of what’s going into your body when you’re the one making it.

If you want a diet based more heavily on Huel then you could substitute Huel for breakfast, lunch, and still be able to eat a 900 calorie dinner - which might be a bit much to consume in one meal and lead to getting carried away. Alternatively, you could drink Huel for breakfast, lunch, snack, and be left with a 500 calorie dinner - which could definitely be filling if packed with fiber and protein, and you’re about guaranteed to get a substantial amount of nutrients if you’re drinking 3 Huel shakes a day.

Hope this helps!


Def dying to try Halo Top now that I know it’s a thing :astonished:

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Honestly I can’t thank you enough that is such amazing advice! I hope your Huel journey goes well and you stick at it. Take care :):crazy_face:

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