No reply after exploded bag in shipment

Sorry to put this here but I recently received a shipment of 1.1 that hadn’t been packed well so that the bottom bag ended up breaking open in the box and spilling out. I sent an email over a week ago to customer service with pictures as proof but have heard nothing back. I salvaged about a quarter of the bag but would like a replacement since it was a shipping issue. Next steps?

Hey @Pinchaloaf! Unfortunately I can’t seem to locate that email you’re referring to. On my end, it looks like you were chatting with our wonderful Phoebe back in late January!

Unfortunately, some of our bags do get damaged during transit. We check all our packages thoroughly before we hand them out for delivery, so we can assure you that the damage is recent and the Huel should be safe to consume. That being said - of course I would be happy to send you over that replacement bag!

I’ll get that sent out right now and confirm with you over email😁 You should receive an order confirmation email as normal today as well.

Have a wonderful weekend! :heart:

Thanks, Christian. I forwarded the email so you have it. Sent it from an alternate email account so probably why you can’t find it.

I assume Huel Black should also be safe in a similar situation? (I already contacted and a replacement bag is on the way, but don’t know if I should trash the broken bag.)

Thanks in advance