Damaged Huel Product

Has anyone else received a Huel bag with a hole in it? My shipment arrived covered in Huel powder, including the shirt, shaker, and the rest of the bags.

I sent an email to support with pictures of what happened, but have not yet heard back after 3 days

What have others done in this situation?

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Keep in mind that any email sent on Friday evening through Monday morning may not be looked at till Monday when they come back from the weekend. Whenever I’ve had a problem, I emailed them and got a response within 24 to 36 hours during weekdays. So you might see a response today. In other words, any email sent or order placed from the weekend won’t be seen until Monday. And if there’s a queue of stuff from the weekend, it may take them another day to actually respond. They do respond in almost all cases, but it may not be quick.

They also respond within 24 hours on these forums, most of the time.

I’ve used Huel since Feb 2018. Here are some basic tips:

  1. Don’t subscribe. Not necessary. My use varies so I’d run into problems with too much or too little product.

  2. Place orders only on weekdays. Best day is Monday or Tuesday. You’re likely to get your order by Saturday that week.

  3. Order about 2 (maybe 3) weeks before anticipating running out. This gives time to get a problem fixed should you need to.

They offer a good product at a very good price. As a result, they have to keep costs low. So they don’t have customer service 24/7. If people plan ahead and order with enough lead time and buffer in time for potential problems, Huel should work for most people.

Amazon prime has a 2 bag, next day Huel package that can be ordered in an “emergency” backup plan.


Hey @wccamarda. We’re responding to your email right now! We do apologize for the delay. We’re pretty backed up from the weekend but expect a response to your four questions very soon. :slight_smile:

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Hey @Alex_Huel 0 Hope you’re doing well. I have been trying to get in touch with the customer service team, but it’s been 4 business days or so.

Essentially, a replacement order was going to be sent for my damaged product, but it was sent to NY instead of Atlanta (Atlanta is where I live and the last shipment was sent).

Would you be able to help?

Hey @wccamarda. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It appears our fulfillment center did ship it to the wrong address and I’m terribly sorry about that. I’ve let them know and insisted that they place this order on high priority to be reshipped out to you ASAP.

Again, we do apologize for this shipping error.

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I had this exact issue. I posted a comment to that effect on here, and got a response the same day. They shipped me out a replacement bag, which I got within a couple of days. Totally satisfied with the whole experience, hope your story ends as well as mine did!


Yeah, this same thing happened to me yesterday, too. I also got to spend a while cleaning up my kitchen from all the powder that poofed out of the bag’s hole when I unpacked the box. I e-mailed later in the evening and am waiting for a response!

@Alex_Huel help me too, please!

Hey @ryanromanowski, I messaged you!