No guide book with my first shipment

So my first shipment arrived on Friday, and I was so excited to try Huel, but there was no guidebook in the box! I got everything but the guidebook. So I finally had my first meal this morning after doing a ton of research over the long weekend. Any way I can get a guidebook?



There was supposed to be a guidebook? I didn’t get one if there was. I just got the Huel, a couple shaker bottles and a shirt and a bunch of scoops for some reason with no clear indication how many scoops per 500cal serving it was.

Hi @compscigui & @Tmister

Here’s a link to Huel USA customer booklet:


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Thank you very much!

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Guide book is blurry, unable to read.

Hi @airmanma,

Here’s a link to the PDF version of our Huel introduction guide.

The website they link to does not have very good zoom functionality. On that same website there is a download PDF function. If you open the PDF you should find a much better experience.

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