US Delivery - Huel Bars?

Thanks Sarah, and congratulations on your results so far, we love hearing those stories.

We are working behind the scenes on a number of product innovations, including bars, and will certainly keep you and our community updated. For your immediate trip by the end of this month, we don’t anticipate bars being ready that soon, but we wish you a safe and amazing journey!

Hey Huel

Any update on the bars, I’m one of your super users and love the shakes but can sometimes find my interest in drinking only the shakes starting to disappear (and I don’t want to cook with Huel, defeats the point for me :wink:

Is there any update on when the bars will be ready and the taster flavors packs, so that I can add variety and continue to be one of you super users!



Hi Sarah! We absolutely love your enthusiasm for the product! Our bars and flavor packs are still being perfected, so stay tuned. :+1: In the meantime, I would suggest trying these flavor tips if you haven’t already. My personal favorite is using half almond milk, half water, then add cinnamon, stevia, and agave. If you have the vanilla Huel, it is so delish with about an espresso size of coffee added to it. Check out some of the other threads here on the forum, as well. Huelers are always sharing little tips and tricks with each other on here. :yum:

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Thanks Teresa, really appreciate the prompt update, only want you guys to know what a great job your doing, and I know the US have different and quite strict regulations (…and I’m also just very eager to try the bars and other flavour packs)

Great suggestions and it sounds delicious, I tend not to like to add further nutritional values to the shakes, as you’ve calculated it all so well for me already! Other than coffee (zero cals / nutritional value).

Thanks again, perhaps I’ll check back next month. I really wish you and your team every success!


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I’ve noticed the last response was on October of 2017, and yet still no Huel bars will be available to the US. Is there any new up-dates on this?

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That post was from January 4th. If flavors are any indication, we won’t know anything definitive until the announcement comes out they are available.

They are definitely planned since, for example the Getting Started Booklet advertises for them.

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I’d would be very interested in Huel bars, or even small single serving packages for traveling with. I am headed on vacation here shortly and trying to figure out how to smuggle my Huel with me… =) three scoops to a ziplock bag? I can just see me getting pulled aside by the TSA asking what all these baggies of powder are in my bag! LMAO

I saved a bag that was previously finished so i could travel with onky a week’s worth of breakfast. I figured the label would be explanation enough if anyone investigated the unusual powder. :slight_smile:

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Thats a good idea, I haven’t got a response from Huel yet on this topic. But think I’ll just save an empty bag this time around and use it for travel.

@Teresa_Huel Hi, newish Hueler here. I’ve seen random references to Huel bars, and the last update in this thread was October '17.

Has the initiative to make the product available to US consumers been dropped?

Thanks for the update!

Hi Adam,

Rest assured, this initiative has not been dropped! We have been hard at work in the Huel laboratory, creating tasty treats for our awesome Huelers. Just like anything, perfection takes time, but don’t lose hope! All in good time. :smirk:

I want the granola. Why can’t you just give us the ones you already made? The granola would be so good with yogurt. :slight_smile:

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This thread is going on two years old. Apparently they’d rather string us along with false promises than just be honest (heaven forbid) and tell us there are no plans to provide this product to US customers.

Why wouldn’t they say that? There are tons of hoops I’m sure they’re jumping through, don’t be so negative.


Unfortunately, we don’t even have Huel bars in our LA office, so I feel your pain. :slightly_frowning_face: There have been a few bumps in the road in getting the bars out, but with the release of Ready-to-drink, our new powder version, pre-blended powders, and new flavor boosts, we’re finally able to redirect time and energy towards getting the bars to you guys. :raised_hands:

What flavors would you like to see?

Whichever flavors get people to stop complaining. kidding. A vanilla almond is a universal flavor that many people can get behind.

Personally, I would not use a bar based Huel product. For reasons I’ve already stated, I don’t like consuming bars with high amounts of fiber. I prefer my fiber naturally in whole food or from my Huel powder already diluted in water, where the oats and flax have had some time to properly absorb the liquid. Concentrated fiber in dry, bar form is a recipe for intestinal cramps.

I’d like it if at least one of the flavors of the Huel bar doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners. Unflavored/unsweetened would be fine, or just having natural/artificial flavors but with no artificial sweeteners would be okay, too.

And also peanut butter.
And for sweeteners, I think I would rather have a few grams of sugar than artificial sweeteners. I think.
Ooo how about a peanut butter and honey flavor. Mmmm

That does sound like a good flavor. It would take like 20 g of sugar to make it sweet. I can’t have a lot of sugar because of insulin resistance, so I hope they don’t add a lot of sugar. Artificial sweeteners are the lesser of two evils where that is concerned. Research shows that they are only harmful in amounts that are so large that you could not have that much in one day, whereas research clearly shows the harm that sugar can do to the body and you can easily eat the required amount and a day to do that harm.

I’d vote for any flavor that doesn’t contain nuts. My fiancé has an aggressive nut allergy, so almond/peanut/etc. bars would be an absolute deal breaker for me.

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