No scoop in my order I just received, seems this is common?

Anyone else receive their order with no scoop but the invoice says there is one? Also, my invoice was barely readable due to their printer running low on ink. It would be nice if there was an actual phone number for customer support/orders. Order #602966

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I didn’t receive the scoop or shaker in mine as well. :confused: Only the two packs and t-shirt. #604135

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I see multiple posts on this, but I don’t really see a way to redeem the offer for the free shaker, and it looks like the scoop was supposed to be included as well. Any support team members able to promptly respond to this?

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I’ve never been able to obtain a new scooper despite checking the box the last two deliveries. I’ve just gotten used to scooping out with my kitchen half cup and cup measurings and I usually just “wing it”.


I got my 1st shipment a month ago with the shaker, scoop, 2 bags and a t shirt but I just received my second shipment and it’s just the 2 bags. I went online to order a couple more shakers and you can’t even order a scoop? How much is in a scoop? I’m gonna need a triple beam scale like Pablo Escobar to figure out how much 100g are?

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I ordered for the first time and also didn’t receive scoops or my shaker. I did receive a tshirt, but scoops would be much more handy!

I just got a new order and received four scoops and two shakers — did not request (or need) them. Go figure!
Edit: maybe it was just two scoops—can’t remember. Either way, I have too many scoops :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Ahh! Too many missing scoops!!:sob: I’m sorry for this inconvenience kick-starting the new year, guys. Don’t you worry I am on the case and will get you all those missing scoops :grin:

In the meantime, here are a few simple ways to prepare your Huel while you wait for your scoops to arrive. As always, you can take these guidelines to find out what works best for you.

A full serving of Huel is a heaping ¾ cup or 100 grams, and it contains 400 calories when mixed with about 16oz/500ml water.

From that ratio, you can use more or less water to adjust the thickness of your Huel, or you can simply adjust the number of cups and amount of water based on the number of calories you want in a meal.

For example, a 200 calorie Huel would simply be a heaping ⅓ cup, mixed with approximately 8oz/250ml of water.

I hope you all have a phenomenal weekend! Keep an eye out for an email from me soon🤗

I never received a scoop or shaker either. It took a little time to get my balance right (I started with 2 tablespoons :laughing: ). Now I’m at 1/3 cup with 16oz vanilla coconut milk. It’s perfect for me now, might add more powder later. I’m glad I didn’t get the shaker as I didn’t need one. :slightly_smiling_face: On a bright note, the shirt finally fits me! It’s the only t-shirt I own and I wear it often.

I received one with my original order.
Since I was getting both vanilla and chocolate I went ahead and requested an additional scoop last order.
I got 4 in the box. End up throwing the other 3 away since I didn’t need a total of 5 scoops.

For some reason, it also included another shaker bottle which I did not ask for nor did I need.

Love to hear you’re enjoying your cozy Huel shirt, @Ashley! I’m sorry you originally missed out on the scoop and shaker🙁 I’d be more than happy to get a couple of scoops sent your way!

Have a wonderful rest of your day❤

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I didn’t get a scoop either. I ordered off of Amazon and am unsure if mine was supposed to come with a mixer bottle or not. I had an extra scoop from my whey protein and it is 31 gram scoop. I want the full 400 calories so I would need 3.23 scoops with this scoop that I’m using? Correct me if I’m wrong

That sounds right! Scoop calculation is always a bit tricky, but since it sounds like you have a scale to measure weight, that’s always the best way to go.

I also did not receive a scoop in my initial order of 3 hot and savory. I ended up using a scale with is probably more accurate anyway, but still.