Missing Shaker and Scoop

Hi. My order #542368-US was delivered perfectly. The shipment was on time, nicely packed and as usual made me happy to get “My Huel”. The T-Shirt was great too and I proudly wear and it also helps me explain the reason of my weight loss when asked!!

The shipment was missing the shaker and scoop. I would appreciate if those can be send.


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Well @R_B, that’s wonderful to hear that you’re enjoying being a Hueligan😁 I’m sorry about the missing shaker and scoop, that’s a little annoying. I’ll have that sent your way immediately.

In the meantime (if you have an extra shaker), here are a few simple ways to prepare your Huel while you wait for your scoops to arrive. As always, you can take these guidelines to find out what works best for you.

A full serving of Huel is a heaping ¾ cup or 100 grams, and it contains 400 calories when mixed with about 16oz/500ml water.

From that ratio, you can use more or less water to adjust the thickness of your Huel, or you can simply adjust the number of cups and amount of water based on the number of calories you want in a meal.

For example, a 200 calorie Huel would simply be a heaping ⅓ cup, mixed with approximately 8oz/250ml of water.

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Awesome!. And thanks for simple ways!!. I wrote it before and I write again…" Huel customer service is responsive, quick, courteous and very helpful "!! Thanks Again for doing all you do!


Truly our pleasure!:grin:

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Exact same experience here… order ##605391-US

Similar experience here, order number #604135.

@sm0rris Hey there! I’m sorry about that🙁 I’ll get this sorted for you right away and follow up via email to confirm everything for you. Have a phenomenal evening!

@emarx Oh no! I’m truly sorry for the inconvenience you’ve experience as well. Don’t you worry I am on the case! I’ll have everything sent your way immediately. Happy Monday and have a great Holiday season😁

Same here with order #605396. Got the starter pack, tshirt is there, but scoop and shaker is missing.

Similarly, I’ve been using the RTD for the past month and just opened my order #582021 (with the bags) and found no shaker and scoop. Would appreciate assurances that a scoop (my primary concern) and shaker can be sent my way. :slight_smile: