First time order - missing items


Got my first package, however I am missing my extra shaker that i paid for and also a scoop (as per starter kit, two scoops are included with first time orders).

Anyone experience any issues with their first orders?
Was it resolved asap?

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Hi @poru_desu,

I apologize your order was shipped in correctly. We’ll have an shaker and scoops sent out to you right away. :slight_smile:


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Thnx so much Sothan :wink::ok_hand:


It is not listed now so you wouldn’t find it if you searched, but I received clarification after my first order that they only include 1 scoop unless you request more. So at least that part of your order was probably as intended.

Can’t say I’ve heard of them missing a shaker before but all the posts I’ve seen they’ve been quick to resolve such things.

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I am also missing a shaker as a new user. Received my shirt one shaker and a scoop and my first two bags.

Sorry to hear you are missing your shaker. Hopefully it doesn’t create too much delay in you getting to try Huel. You will want to contact support to get that resolved.

I only got my free shirt and that came rather quickly…does the Huel come separate usually? Looking forward to starting up. Email says order shipped 1/23

I think you will want to contact support as well. I find some humor in how they could have mailed only a shirt for the Huel order, but I know you don’t feel the same way waiting on your purchase.

Hi @Paul_Zuniga

Hey Harlan,

There seems to be a slight hold up with your order because we are unable to determine the Huel flavor variant.

I have sent you message to get more information and we’ll get your order shipped right away.