No Fast Food for Three Weeks

This week has been my third week using Huel as a lunch replacement. I am happy to say it has been a positive experience and I definitely plan on continuing.

Today, was a strange day for me. About an hour before lunch time I had some intense cravings for some fast food. Whether it was In-N-Out Burger or Kentucky Fried Chicken it did not matter. What was even more surprising to me was that I could actually taste the burger and the chicken. The craving was that intense.

Considering I was on such a good run I decided just once I’ll treat myself to KFC. Boy, was this a big mistake. Also I was surprised I couldn’t even finish the meal. Before Huel a typical KFC meal would be four pieces of extra crispy dark meat and two sides. Today it was a challenge trying to get through all four pieces.

Also, I love KFC and by far this was the most disgusting meal I had ever had. The grease alone was a challenge to stomach. I just felt so awful leaving KFC and I was amazed how I could let this be a habit for most of my life.

Back to Huel it is and I think today was a positive experience and I feel confident I can let my addiction to fast food go for good. Now I just need to figure out some light & healthy snacks I can bring to work along with my Huel.


This is AWESOME. Congratulations! I actually did something similar - had some McDonald’s chicken tenders last weekend while out running errands. The meal came with four - I could only choke down two! And they were awful, dry and hard. Amazing the difference Huel makes.

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It’s amazing how we can reprogram our brains and stomachs to do or not do stuff that we assumed was impossible. I’ve noticed that after using Huel for a few months that I do not crave sweet things nearly as much.

I used to assume that I had to eat something before exercise or that I had to have a bedtime snack. After retraining the brain (with some intitial protesting) I was able to implement an IF regimen. I can now strength train for an hour and even did a 20 mile bicycle ride while 18 hours fasted. Things that my previous self would have thought impossible just weeks ago.


Over the weekend I had went to Cheesecake Factory with some friends for dinner.

Without even thinking about it, I ordered a Macaroni Cheeseburger and some fries. In and of itself the meal was cooked just fine. However, when I took my first bite I was shocked at how much I did not like it. Before Huel I would have devoured that burger up and enjoyed every single bite. That day I couldn’t even work my way through three bites. Even the fries were a chore to eat.

I ended up pulling out the beef patty, scraping all of the cheese off of it, and eating that. In the end I am amazed at what Huel has done in changing my taste for food that I once loved.

This week I will be upping my game and have Huel for breakfast and lunch. I will be excited to see how my body chemistry continues to change as my Huel journey continues.

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I’m not sure how to feel about this.

Like many people, I haven’t always had a healthy relationship with junk food. Cutting right back on it is a good thing.

However, sucking all of the enjoyment out of something that was previously pleasant? It just seems like a double-edged sword.

It’s hard to beat fresh fruit and/or vegetable sticks(carrot, celery, etc.) with a small serving of your favorite nut butter(eg. peanut butter).
Good luck, and “Happy Hueling”.