Fast Food After Huel

Fast Food has been a staple in my life for a long time coming from a family that a greater emphasis on convenience over healthy living.

I’m sure there are many others out there where Fast Food was a daily part of your diet before trying Huel.

My question is this for those that had a fast food lifestyle and have been on Huel for some time now.

What have your cravings been like? Have you had any desire for that Big Mac or KFC since using Huel? If so how did it taste?

Or, have you completely lost the desire for fast food?

Has Huel completely changed your perception of fast food and what food you will actually eat right now?


I may have a different relationship with food than you.

When you first had a Wendy’s burger, did it make you never want a BK or McD burger again? I imagine even with a “fast food lifestyle” you still have variety among pizza/burger/chinese/etc - so why would Huel be all-or-nothing?

I can tell you that I’d rather mix a serving of Huel than go out to acquire the junk food - not because I’m slave to Huel-only, because I’m not motivated to take more than the 5 minutes. That it’s so much better nutrition is a bonus. :slight_smile:

I think if anything I’m hoping that Huel will help break my addiction to fast food.


Yeah, it may be a useful tool to do that. And keep in mind that most addictions are broken after multiple attempts + failures + retries type of cycle. Addiction is a habit. Humans don’t break habits easily. It’s part of what’s helped us survive, at least the good habits. But that stubbornness to breaking habits will come even with bad habits we know are wrong for us.

So, give yourself potential for falling back into the habit. And understand that one setback does not mean failure. Many times the setbacks are sometimes necessary for our brains to learn how to break the habit.

On that note… where’s my Afrin? Oh, I’m not addicted to Afrin, though. Perish the thought. I can stop using Afrin whenever I feel like it. I just don’t feel like it today.


I haven’t starting on Huel yet, but one year I did give up McDonald’s for Lent. And I remember that when I went back there after Lent was over, I got so sick from the food. I’ve almost never been back since, and that’s been almost 14 years now.

I can imagine having a similar reaction after having been on Huel for awhile.


That’s the answer. We just need to figure out a way to get one of the fast food workers to slip some outdated sauce or rancid dairy product into @wizardelite 's food. He gets food poisoning then, bam, problem solved. No more addiction.

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Hi there; So for me i find traveling brings up those cravings. So if it’s Taco Bell. I do the salad and if I have to 1/2 the shell.(I know I know) but it’s the best. For the other stuff I find a Arby’s roast beef sandwich with lots of horsey sauce and an ice tea kicks that craving. I always bring Huel and stay on it. Truthfully I’m 233 now started at 250 an am 6’, was 250 for years now it seems with Huel if I let go a little. I don’t gain any weight back. I mean it. Just went to a Graduation was on the road 4 days. Came home and was still eating a little extra. Got on the scale today gained nothing. Huel is the real deal.


To be fair, I don’t think there was anything wrong with the food itself. I think it was just my body saying “Excuse me?!? I just spent 40 days clearing out all that junk and you want to start eating it again?”


Ketogenic diet bruh. Take Keto Fire if you need help to be in ketosis quicker

I still get bad cravings.